The smart money wants out of the EU

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Two in three private investors say leaving the European Union is best for savings

Nearly two-thirds of Britain’s small investors will vote to leave the EU

Number of savers with money in stock market in favour of Brexit soared

Findings will be seen as a major boost to those campaigning to free the UK

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20 February 2016

Nearly two-thirds of Britain’s small investors will vote to leave the European Union, according to a poll.

The number of savers with money in the stock market in favour of Brexit has soared since the summer when less than half said they favoured leaving.

The research, by online stock broker The Share Centre, also found that more than three quarters do not believe the reforms proposed by David Cameron would ‘materially change the UK’s relationship with the EU’.

The dramatic findings will be seen as a major boost to those campaigning to free the UK from the Brussels yoke.

And they raise a huge question mark over claims made by the In side that business is in favour of remaining in the EU.

On Thursday, the Conservatives were caught out cobbling together an open letter from business leaders endorsing the Prime Minister’s EU deal even before it had been signed.

A separate pro-EU letter was being organised by around 80 leaders of global firms.

But earlier this week, star fund manager Neil Woodford said claims that Britain’s future prosperity hinges on its ties with Brussels ‘lack credibility’.

Last night Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the Vote Leave group campaigning for Britain to leave the EU, said: ‘Investors know that Britain will thrive and prosper outside of the EU.

‘EU rules too often favour those firms that can afford to lobby in Brussels while stifling entrepreneurs, innovation and small and medium-sized enterprise.

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Patria says:-

The farce of Cameron’s phony ‘renegotiation’ talks is over. Everyone can now see with just what contempt the heads of government of the other EU countries regard their ‘cash cow’ Britain.

But this is hardly surprising. They know of what stuff Cameron, the ex-PR man, is made. However insulting the deal they offered, they knew he would do his best to spin it and sell it to the British people.

There really is no middle or third way in any case. The choice is either to continue over time to lose ever more control over our lives, laws and borders, to an anti-democratic clique of foreign bureaucrats, or to reassert our freedom as a sovereign nation to govern ourselves and make our own laws in our own parliament.

We now have four months in which to get our message of hope to our people.

Vote No to EUrabia at the referendum on 23 June.

Patria, the Home of Patriots, neither left nor right but patriotic.

Join us in the fight for freedom!