“The Single Market? Well, er…it’s a market – and it’s single”

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Paid far more than the Prime Minister, the public have a right to know about the unelected EU Commissioners who hold massive power over us. They affect the daily lives of 508 million people. Would you ever have voted for them?

Let’s take the EU’s Single Market Commissioner as an example. Don’t you find it just a little surprising that you haven’t seen her on your TV screens, given all the talk about the Single Market in recent years? She’s held the job for nearly 4 years. Can you recall a single BBC interview with her?

Secondly, if membership of the Single Market is so all-fired important, how come this woman hasn’t been visiting the UK on a regular basis, promoting it? Furthermore, given that the Single Market has been panned for its performance in the services sector – where the UK excels – how come this woman hasn’t been trying to put that right? Or if she’s been trying, how come we don’t know about it and how come she’s failed?

If you are relatively new to Brexit Facts4EU.Org, you may like to know that we have previously shed a great deal of light on areas like this, where the mainstream media have not gone. Our politician readers have picked up on these stories, but alas the media haven’t.

EU Commissioners have immense power. Some of you might question whether Ms Bieńkowska has the necessary experience and knowledge to wield it effectively and wisely.


Some of the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team have sacrificed a great deal for the struggle to win independence from the EU. We know that many of our readers have done the same. It therefore irritates us enormously when we see politicians from the Remoaner class spouting nonsense about the EU, whilst at the same time pretending to be knowledgeable.

One of the biggest problems is that very few of the politicians who backed Remain have much clue about things like the Single Market, and nor do the interviewers who are asking them the questions.

There was a perfect example of this yesterday, with Andrew Marr’s interview of Jeremy Corbyn. Neither of them knew much at all, but they wasted a few more minutes of our lives as Marr tried in vain to get a scoop on the Labour position on Brexit. This was political game-playing and the viewer learnt nothing. We would love to interview Marr about the Single Market to demonstrate how little he knows – but perhaps that would be too cruel.


Early last year Ms Bieńkowska announced that “the Single Market – this jewel that is all too often taken for granted – does not function properly for services”. Given that services represents almost 80% of the UK economy, and that the Single Market has been going for over 25 years, this was an extraordinary admission.

We’ll repeat that in case you missed it:

“The Single Market – this jewel that is all too often taken for granted – does not function properly for services”

Elżbieta Bieńkowska, EU Commissioner for the Single Market, speech in 2017

We have highly specific analysis on the ineffectiveness of the Single Market – work which is unique to this site. With politicians – even the Chancellor – telling us how vital it is for us to be either a member of the Single Market, or as closely ‘aligned’ to it as possible, maybe you would like us to publish some more on this?