The rottenness at the heart of the Establishment

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With a school party on a Commons visit in 1976, two Labour grandees Greville Janner and George Thomas who ‘abused children’

Two Labour grandees shown welcoming party of schoolboys to Commons

Since photograph was taken in 1976 pair exposed as alleged paedophiles

Greville Janner and George Thomas accused of preying on children

Campaigners: Growing evidence Labour paedophile ring operated at Westminster


8 June, 2015

Smiling broadly, two Labour grandees welcome a party of young schoolboys to the Commons.

Since this photograph was taken in 1976, Greville Janner and George Thomas have been exposed as alleged paedophiles.

The pair, later ennobled as Lord Janner and Viscount Tonypandy, have been accused of preying on children and yesterday campaigners said there was growing evidence a Labour paedophile ring operated at Westminster.

A third former Labour MP, the late Leo Abse, has also been named as an alleged abuser.

Janner, 86, is the only one of the three still alive. Last month he avoided being charged with 22 counts of child sex, when prosecutors ruled he was too unwell with dementia.

A group of Janner’s alleged victims confirmed yesterday that they will bring civil court proceedings against him.

Their solicitor Liz Dux, from law firm Slater and Gordon, said between six and ten people whose lives were ‘ruined’ would make ‘significant’ compensation claims against Janner.

‘We are going to pursue a civil claim. It will not be a class action but a series of individual claims,’ she told The Sunday Times.

Thomas, Commons Speaker before becoming a peer, is said to have propositioned young men in his official grace and favour apartment in Parliament.

He died aged 88 in 1997, but is now the subject of investigations by British Transport Police over an incident on a train in 1959, and by South Wales Police into a claim he raped a nine-year-old boy.

The alleged rape victim came forward to say he was abused at home in the late 1960s and early 1970s by the MP, who had befriended his foster parents.

Abse, who died in 2008 aged 91, was a close friend of Thomas. He too is now being investigated for historical child abuse.

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