The rights of parents are under attack

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Dear Marriage supporter

MPs yesterday overwhelmingly backed regulations to impose Relationships Education on all schools in England. Having agreed the primary legislation in 2017, it is no surprise that the House of Commons also agreed to the regulations. Media attention was elsewhere because of the Brexit debates.

But we were right to take a stand. The regulations undermine the role of parents. Relationships Education will present true marriage as just one of many options, and parents won’t have a right of withdrawal.

Marriage supporters have made a positive impact by responding to both a call for evidence and a consultation. The guidance acknowledges that “parents and carers are the prime educators for children” (page 4). The Government says it is up to schools to decide whether to deal with some of the most controversial territory at primary level. And a right of withdrawal for sex education is still in place, though the final say is transferred to head teachers in secondary schools.

Last year the Supreme Court ruled the law cannot compel people to endorse same-sex ‘marriage’. That’s exactly what some same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates are trying to do in schools. It’s no wonder there have been parental protests.

So going forward, we need to be vigilant. Relationships Education will be used as a cover for teaching which goes well beyond what the law allows. We must expose this.

Thank you for standing with us.

Yours sincerely

Colin Hart
Coalition for Marriage (C4M)