The pyjama game

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The recent resignation under a cloud of millionaire immigrant Brooks Newmark from his post as Minister for Civil Society (could you make it up?) raises a doubt about how some female Conservative parliamentary candidates won their position.

The matter over which Newmark resigned is serious. Sending an indecent photograph to an unknown recipient via social media is the height of irresponsibility. That recipient appears to have been a journalist but might just as easily have been an impressionable young child, or the agent of a foreign power. But Newmark either believed it was a young woman eager to climb the greasy pole, who just happened to look like a Swedish model, or did not care who it was who received the picture.

Just what is the calibre of those running (or ruining) the country? Many of them appear to be deficient in both decency and judgement.

Apparently Newmark chaired Women2Win, a pressure group he founded to increase the involvement of women in the Conservative party. A part of this role involved advocating the ‘mentoring’ of young women who wished to progress in politics.

Nice work for a middle-aged Tory minister – if you can get it. Please, form an orderly queue! The words tip and iceberg come to mind for some reason.

At least the other parts of the Lib-Lab-Con troika are unlikely to be affected by such a scandal. They have far too many homosexuals in high places for that.

As for UKIP – let’s not go there.