The Prisoner of Fortress Europe

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The UK’s share of trade sales within the EU Single Market is only 5.5% – 1/3rd of what it should be

Latest figures released by the EU MUST be read by Remain MPs and by the BBC


UK’s share of sales within the Single Market

For the UK, the Single Market has been a disaster

The UK sells only 1/3rd of what it should sell to the Single Market – only 5.5% of total

The rest of the EU does very well out of it

Germany’s share of the Single Market is four times that of the UK

The UK’s share is barely above that of Poland, which is 1/5th the size of the UK economy

This is according to the EU’s own statistics agency Eurostat and these are the latest figures, relating to last year (2018). It comes from analysis carried out by the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team, drawn from the EU’s own figures.

Germany’s share of the Single Market is FOUR TIMES larger than that of the UK

The official EU figures from Eurostat for 2018 show that the UK was the second-largest economy – again.
The UK should have 15.1% of sales within the Single Market, based on Eurostat’s figures. Unfortunately the reality is different. The UK’s share of the Single Market is only 5.5%, not the 15.1% you would expect.

The UK’s Single Market share is less than that of Spain, which has an economy almost exactly half the size of the UK’s economy. It is barely any higher than Poland’s, which has an economy only one-fifth the size of the UK.


We are always looking for ways to show MPs, the BBC, and the British people the reality of the UK’s membership of the EU, at a glance. If you watch the BBC, ITN or Sky News you would be forgiven for thinking the UK is a minor player – an unimportant part of the EU, just one of 28 countries.

This is such a long way from reality.

The overall picture is that the UK has an absurdly small share of the precious Single Market which Remain MPs can’t stop talking about.

In fact the UK’s share of sales within the Single Market has actually fallen in the last 10 years, from 6.5% to 5.5%.

We deal in the reality of the EU. We take the trouble to research it and bring you the results of this research distilled into what we hope are bite-sized chunks.

It sometimes seems to us that the ‘luvvie’ Remoaners – even the supposedly-educated ones holding Oxbridge professorships – wouldn’t know a fact about the EU if it came up and unexpectedly bit them in the a posteriori.

This takes work, but it’s important

It takes longer to find and produce simple ways of showing what’s going on – such as this article – than it does to write an academic essay. Sounds silly we know, but it’s true.

Frankly we don’t care about writing stuff for a few hundred people and developing our ‘reputation’ or ‘media profile’. We write for everyone, we tell the facts, and we try to do so simply. People who voted Remain were lied to on an epic scale. Those lies make the Vote Leave’s bus poster look completely inconsequential. With your support we will continue to throw a bright light on the lies of the political Establishment and corporate media, while pointing to the bright future which lies ahead.

[Sources: EU Commission | Eurostat]

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