The presumption of innocence

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Dr Andrew Emerson

8:45 PM on 22/11/2015

I don’t know the strength of the evidence against the late George Bell. Would the Diocese of Chichester have apologized to the alleged victim unless the evidence of Bell’s guilt was compelling? Traditionally the instinct of the Church has tended to be to close ranks and deny the existence of the problem of homosexual predation on the part of clergy.

Having said that, Peter Hitchens makes a good point when he reminds us that under our English law a man is considered to be innocent until proved guilty.

This principle has begun to be eroded, perhaps most notoriously in the case of the Eltham Two, Dobson and Norris, who were first tried by the media and then in 2012 wrongly convicted of the murder of Stephen Lawrence on flawed forensic evidence.

The European Arrest Warrant, the abolition of the no double jeopardy rule and the forcing of defendants to pay the cost of their trial, with a substantial discount for pleading guilty, are all signs of a growing authoritarianism on the part of a state machine captured by immigrants generations ago.

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