The perversity extremists

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Dear Marriage supporter

The Prime Minister’s new Chief of Staff, Gavin Barwell, is a leading advocate for same-sex ‘marriage’.

Barwell, who lost his Commons seat in the election [Hurrah!], was David Cameron’s homosexual marriage envoy during the debates on [purportedly] redefining marriage. He played a key role in drumming up the support of his fellow Tory MPs to back the law (though we should remember that 136 Conservatives voted against redefining marriage at Second Reading, with only 127 in favour).

Barwell was prominent in the media campaign for same-sex ‘marriage’ and even likened opponents to ‘racists’ who backed segregation on his website.

His appointment means that traditional marriage supporters will need to be extra vigilant.

Theresa May implied back in 2015 that same-sex ‘marriage’ opponents would not be caught by Government counter-extremism plans. However, others have been using it as a litmus test for politically ‘correct’ orthodoxy.

It was while she was a senior Government adviser, that Dame Louise Casey likened Roman Catholic schools’ support for traditional marriage to Islamist extremism [Shame on her!].

C4M will be alert to any new moves from the Government to denigrate your views on marriage.

BBC bias – thank you

The BBC’s derogatory treatment of the DUP for its socially conservative beliefs has been astounding. Thank you to everyone who has been sending complaints to the BBC.

Its actions are a blatant infringement of the organisation’s Royal Charter. A number of you have passed us the responses you have received. Incredibly, the corporation is maintaining that it had “fairly reflected that the DUP holds socially conservative views on issues such as same sex marriage [sic]”.

Blueberry ban!

A family farm in the USA has been banned from selling blueberries and sweetcorn at a farmers’ market…because its owners believe in traditional marriage!

The Tennes family have sold their produce at the market in East Lansing, Michigan, for the past seven years. When they were asked to host same-sex ‘weddings’ at their Country Mill farm, the family declined because of their belief that marriage is between one man and one woman.

But when city officials discovered the family’s views, they invoked ‘discrimination’ rules to prohibit them from attending the farmers’ market anymore.

The Tennes family are rightly taking legal action to defend their freedom. Please stand with C4M as we continue to defend yours.

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Yours sincerely

Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage