The people are sovereign, not the House of Treason

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If you want to know if this rebellion was about ‘Parliamentary sovereignty’ as the Remoaning MPs claim, or trying to stop Brexit, as we claim, take a look at the names of these MPs as a good indication. Every single one voted against Brexit last year and every one is a Remoaner.

Today the PM is in Brussels for the EU Summit. Tomorrow the EU27 leaders will approve the Phase One surrender agreed to by Mrs May last week. The disgraceful events in the House of Commons yesterday just make the PM’s position even weaker.


One after another, the remoaning lawyers in the House of Commons (of whom there are many) stood up to rail against some imagined form of democratic deficit caused by Brexit. This would be funny if it weren’t serious.

Some of us have watched for decades as our emasculated MPs were forced to take whatever absurd rules and laws the unelected EU Commission thrust at the UK. They absorbed these into UK law without a debate and without so much as a whimper.

What is even more extraordinary is that ever since the Referendum there appears to have been a parliamentary focus on Brexit to the exclusion of almost everything else. Barely a day goes by, it seems, that Parliament isn’t considering some aspect of Brexit. To give just one example, yesterday was announced in Hansard as “European Union (Withdrawal) Bill – Committee stage (day 7) – Committee of the whole House”. Note: ‘day 7′. And that’s just this particular bill.


These MPs who are still forced to do Brussels’ bidding at this very moment, were yesterday standing up shamelessly pretending that what they were saying about the Withdrawal Bill had the remotest connection with democracy.

They should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. They should also all be deselected by their constituency parties. These people care not one jot for democracy and what the people want. Instead they preen and posture – proselytising peacocks who cannot accept that they were wrong last year, because of their arrogance and their fear of losing face.


In all the talk today of a dozen Conservative rebels, let’s not forget who really defeated the government last night. The vast majority of those voting against a normal Brexit were the hypocritical Scottish Nationalists, the bleating Lib Dems, and almost the entirety of confused Labour.

From Labour, only the brave Kate Hoey (give that woman a medal) and Frank Field went through the lobby with the heroes from the right, such as John Redwood, Owen Paterson, David Jones, and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

For newer readers, we will state again that Brexit Facts4EU.Org adopts a party-neutral stance. We only comment on party political matters when it relates to Brexit.

In the case of parliamentary proceedings last night, we can say that without the vast bulk of the Conservative Party, the entirety of the Democratic Unionist Party, and two Labour MPs, Brexit would be lost completely. Parliament remains a Remainer fiefdom.


If you would like a wider political prediction for a change, we have been concerned for some time that the shock of Brexit has faded for most Remainer politicians and Establishment figures. We believe that many now just see the Referendum as a setback and that normal service can gradually be resumed, as they start to ‘put it right’ for us.

Well, we have a sneaky feeling that there will be a second major revolt against the Establishment. The genie came out of the bottle on June 23rd last year. If Brexit is not delivered in the basic, common sense way in which people voted for it, we believe that ordinary people will start to lose their patience.

To be honest, none of the Brexit Facts4EU.Org team are the types to engage in civil disobedience, even peacefully. However some of us are now beginning to wonder if the eventual fight for the restoration of democracy to the United Kingdom may in the end require more from us than just writing about it.

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