The pandemic is a pretext for cultural revolution

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What Did You Do In The War?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

There is no doubt that the world is full of a good many bizarre and unsupportable claims and notions. Trying to pick your way through the quagmire of claims, counter-claims and general nonsense is harder than it has ever been.

The basic problem, of course, is that governments and official sounding organisations have been lying, deceiving and manipulating since the coronavirus first emerged from hiding and yelled `boo’.

All honesty has gone out of the window. Governments have lied, distorted truths and threatened us with the full authority of the law if we question their orders.

I’ve been writing about medical matters for a long, long time and I am pretty well accustomed to the fact that governments and official bodies hide truths, suppress facts and spout a lot of nonsense to keep us all looking in the wrong direction so that they can carry on deceiving us.

But I have never known anything like this.

These days the world’s governments and the major global organisations have taken things one stage further by employing people to take down information they don’t like, whether it is true or not, to spread confusion and bewilderment along with the fears, and to put up false information to mislead and to guide us into deadly traps. The British Government even has a part of the British Army, the 77th Brigade, spying on its citizens and protecting the Government line. Exactly what are they doing, I wonder? Are they taking down material that doesn’t fit the official line, even if it’s true, or sneering at those trying to provide solid, honest information? Are they using our taxes to plant misinformation and fake news? I don’t have the foggiest. Is this really what the soldiers of the 77th Brigade joined the army to do? Don’t they realise that by suppressing the truth and suppressing debate they are endangering their own lives and their families’ lives?

YouTube apparently now has a policy to censor doctors or scientists who disagree with the view of the World Health Organisation. Putting aside the difficulty I find in knowing exactly what the view of the WHO might be at any one time, this blanket endorsement of an organisation which I find rather iffy to say the least seems to me to be terrifying. The WHO recommended wholesale quarantine and lockdowns which resulted in the civil rights of billions of citizens being removed. Moreover, the WHO policy will result in more deaths than Covid-19.

The BBC seems to have become addicted to spreading what is now called `fear porn’ – using government propaganda to terrify people into submitting to whatever lunatic ideas are currently in vogue. Since government advice changes regularly, so the advice given by the media changes too. The result is confusion and more bewilderment. Should face masks be worn, for example? And if so by whom and when and where? Ofcom, the UK’s broadcasting watchdog has advised broadcasters that they must exercise extreme caution when broadcasting statements that seek to question or undermine the advice of public health bodies on the coronavirus or otherwise undermine people’s trust in the advice of mainstream sources of information.’

Since the public health bodies and mainstream sources of information have all been provably wrong about the coronavirus – right from the start and in almost every respect – the public have been officially prevented from hearing the truth!

I don’t consider myself as being involved in social media at all – I’m just a retired doctor and a book author – so I can say this: I’ve worked extensively for national newspapers and TV stations round the world and I can tell you that the best researchers, writers and broadcasters are currently working online – and not in main stream media. The mainstream media is a disgrace.

The whole question of the virus is of vital interest to us all – us all – including those employed by the Government.

The main stream media, both print and broadcasting, has been bought – either by governments or by private individuals or organisations – and so any attempts to provide an alternative view, to question the official, party line or to discuss contentious issues will be banned. There is no longer any freedom of speech.

And things are getting worse by the day.

Numerous private pressure groups, charities and so on are constantly demanding that material which offers a point of view which they consider unacceptable be removed from the internet – as well as from the main stream media.

And so there are pressure groups demanding that anyone who dares to question the claims of those who believe that our climate is changing should be silenced. Main stream media has already been silenced but now these pressure groups want the internet prefects to remove any videos or articles which offer a point of view which does not agree with their own.

They probably don’t see it as censorship – they just see it as getting their own way and silencing the opposition.