The new ‘equality’ oaf

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Dear Marriage supporter

The Government wants all councillors, school governors and civil servants to swear a new ‘equality’ oath before taking up their roles. This could include everyone working in the NHS or those standing for Parliament.

The plans threaten to turn supporters of genuine marriage into social pariahs, excluding them from public life, enforcing political ‘correctness’ and destroying many people’s livelihoods.

There is an urgent need to contact your MP about this new ‘equality’ oath today. Everyone knows that when ‘equality’ rules then people who disagree with homosexual marriage are victimized.

‘Equality’ versus freedom

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid said yesterday that he wants to introduce a new oath enshrining ‘British values’ for all holders of public office (The Sunday Times, 18 December):

“I’m talking about tolerating the views of others, even if you disagree with them. About believing in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from abuse. I’m talking about a belief in equality, democracy and the democratic process. And about respect for the law, even if you think the law is an ass.” [Or in other words “Freedom is Slavery”.]

Although Mr Javid dresses it up in nice language, it’s not hard to see where this will lead. It’s the Equality Commission in Northern Ireland which has hounded Ashers Baking Co. through the courts for refusing to bow the knee to same-sex marriage. Being law-abiding and supporting democracy has not protected Ashers from politically ‘correct’ persecution.

‘British’ values litmus test for schools

Already Ofsted uses support for same-sex marriage as a litmus test for its ‘British’ values inspections of Jewish and Christian schools [but not Muslim ones, which are allowed to segregate boys and girls].

Dame Louise Casey proposed the oath for public office holders recently in her report about the problems of integration in Britain. Dame Louise told Radio 4 that her plans amount to a declaration that “equality rules”. While her analysis of deep-rooted social problems will resonate with many, her solution will not.

A nebulous concept of ‘equality’ will all too easily be used to silence supporters of real marriage.

Will it do any good?

If the proposed ‘equality’ oath is aimed at sidelining extremists from society, it is unlikely to work. The idea that a terrorist will have a twinge of conscience in swearing an ‘equality’ oath but not when attempting to murder people is ridiculous.

According to BBC News online, a Government source has acknowledged that the proposed oath on its own would be insufficient to weed out extremism or promote integration (18 December).

The main impact of the ‘equality’ oath would be to exclude people who reject the modern creed of political ‘correctness’ from public life. What immense harm it would do not only to our freedoms but to the whole British way of life.

We view this issue with great seriousness. Urgent action is needed. Please take time to contact your MP today and tell him that the ‘equality’ oath must be dropped.

Using your own words, you may wish to make one or two of the following points:

Say that you completely disagree with the introduction of an ‘equality’ oath for public life.

Say that the ‘equality’ agenda is regularly used against people who believe in traditional marriage, such as Ashers bakery.

Say that there are so many different ideas of what equality means that an ‘equality’ oath is wide open to abuse.

Say that Government ministers have no mandate to force their beliefs on everyone else.

Say that enforcing an ‘equality’ oath will destroy freedom of speech.

Thank you for all your continued support.

Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage