The House of Treason

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Democracy? It’s all gone Humpty Dumpty as the politicians take leave of their senses


PUBLISHED: 00:00, 15 March 2019 | UPDATED: 00:06, 15 March 2019

The entire political Establishment have taken leave of their senses. Both during the referendum campaign and since the result was announced, their behaviour has bordered on the clinically insane.

The unedifying orgy of self-indulgence we have seen over the past week has plumbed new depths of cynicism and opportunism.

No, not this past week. The paragraphs above are taken from my column on 1 July, 2016, a few days after the result was declared. I warned you back then that the fix was already in, that embittered Remainers would do everything in their power to stop Brexit, either by holding a second referendum or forcing a General Election.

Getting on for three years later, and a few days before we were due to escape, that’s exactly where we are right now. As the Tory leadership candidates jockeyed for position to succeed Call Me Dave, I also said that Theresa May, a Remainer who spent the referendum campaign hiding behind the sofa, shouldn’t be allowed within a mile of No 10.

Then again, what do I know?

It gives me no pleasure to have been proved horribly right. By now, I had hoped we would be free of the shackles of the EU, forging a brilliant future as an independent trading nation once more.

Fat chance of that happening any time soon.

Believe me, this is a column I didn’t want to have to write. Like you, I’m thoroughly sick of the whole Brexit circus, which is what the political Establishment have been banking on all along.

The heart sinks whenever someone asks: ‘What’s going to happen over Brexit, Rich?’

I can only reply: ‘Ask me one on sport.’

As I wrote some time ago, I’ve run out of invective. Fury has given way to resignation and despair. We can only watch this slow-motion car crash unfold with impotent frustration.

I’d always believed there would probably be some kind of 11th-hour form of words stitched up. It wouldn’t be ideal, but we’d have to swallow some watered down, soft form of Brexit, which would allow us to leave.

Sadly, Mrs May’s dismal, defeatist ‘deal’ doesn’t even reach that threshold. Nor will it, no matter how many times she brings it back to the Commons.

But I suppose it was always on the cards that the Remain headbangers were never going to rest until they’d halted Brexit altogether.

As of now, it looks as if they’ve won. They’re certainly well ahead on away goals. Ruling out No Deal effectively means No Brexit.

Be in no doubt that what we are witnessing is a coup against the people. There may not be tanks on the streets, but it’s a coup all the same. A few hundred MPs have decided to defy the will of the 17,410,742 British citizens who voted to leave the EU. It was the largest number of people to have voted for anything in our proud history.