The House of Treason just doesn’t get it

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The following is a summary for all MPs of the democratic fundamentals underlying all votes they have to make on Brexit in the House of Commons.

Most newspapers and TV news programmes are obsessed with personality politics. Sometimes the basics of democracy can get lost.


Theresa May – a Remainer Prime Minister and her Remainer civil servants

The Remainer MPs in the House of Commons

The EU

The first item needs to be dealt with by Conservative MPs. The last item can only be resolved by a genuinely pro-Brexit prime minister – we said from the beginning that the EU was always going to make it impossible for the UK to negotiate a normal, sensible departure.

It’s the second item which we address in this article.


Scarcely a day has gone by recently without hearing a Remain-supporting MP telling the TV or the newspapers that the government’s Brexit policy will not succeed because of ‘parliamentary arithmetic’.
“They just don’t have the votes,” they say, smugly.

So let’s just stop and think about this for a moment.

The arithmetic exists in the country at large. What Remainer MPs are saying is that they don’t like Brexit, they think it’s bad for jobs etc, and so will vote against it in the House of Commons, that supposed cradle of democracy.

These MPs are so caught up in the political machinations and intrigues of the Commons, they have forgotten several things.


In June 2015 MPs voted by 544-53 (by 6 to 1) to hold an In/Out EU Referendum

The Referendum question was not “Do you want your MP to exercise his or her personal judgement?”

It was a binary choice of staying in or leaving the EU

The official government leaflet sent to everyone made it clear the result would be implemented

The country voted by a majority to leave the EU

The country then voted in the general election by 85% for parties favouring leaving the Single Market and Customs Union


So this is the democratic background to the decision to leave the EU. There’s nothing difficult about it. No objections were raised before the Referendum about its binding nature (albeit non-technically) on Parliament. No objections were raised about the need to specify whether the people wanted to stay in some parts of the EU’s structures.

It was a clear binary choice to leave the EU or not, and the British people made it in June 2016.


Almost a year after the EU Referendum the people had another chance to express an opinion in the general election of 2017. They voted 85% for parties whose manifestos committed to exiting the Single Market and Customs Union.

The UK electorate overwhelmingly backed parties which said they would enact the Referendum result and take the UK out of the EU, including out of the Single Market and Customs Union.

Within the 85% were the Conservatives, Labour, UKIP and the DUP. Within the other 15% were the Lib Dems, SNP, Greens, Sinn Fein and Plaid Cymru.

The basic fact to remember is that electors voted 85% for parties whose manifestos said they would fundamentally honour Brexit.


Over 90% of MPs owe their seats to being a member of parties which fundamentally backed the Referendum decision.

No question of a second Referendum on the terms of a deal

No question of delaying the end of the two year Article 50 period

No question of a fudge keeping the UK in the Single Market or Customs Union in all but name

No question of MPs taking over the decision of the British people and exercising ‘individual judgement’


This decision by the British people was not part of our normal ‘representative democracy’, where MPs are supposed to exercise their judgement on behalf of their constituents. In reality, of course, the vast bulk of them do no such thing and simply vote along party lines.

No, this was a decision delegated by Parliament to the British people and the British people made it.


It matters not whether MPs agree or disagree with it, they are honour bound to implement it. If they do not, as we have written many times, they will have to face the consequences.

On a personal level for them, this will mean some MPs being deselected by their constituency associations. It will also result in entire careers being ruined – tainted forever by their failure to comprehend that this was the most important decision in most people’s lifetimes.


We urge all MPs who continue to think they know best, and those who think they are being clever in coming up with some ridiculous form of words to justify their anti-democratic behaviour, to think again.

The next time you are about to say “the parliamentary arithmetic means it will never pass”, reflect for a moment. What you are actually saying is that you think you’re safe because you have many colleagues who will vote the same way, regardless of the views of the people.

But this time safety in numbers won’t work.


These are YOUR decisions. YOU were elected on a manifesto. YOU know in your heart that the majority of the people want to leave the EU fully. YOU know in your heart that in fact you know little about the EU and that you trot out what you’ve heard, or whatever is the current party line.

Well maybe, just maybe, sometimes the people know best.

On this occasion they faced the biggest wall of propaganda in British political history and STILL they decided that the United Kingdom’s best long-term interests lie outside the European Union.

We urge you to think very carefully about what is right and wrong, and do the right thing. If you do – even if it’s now late in the day – you will have our support, and we think you will be looked upon more favourably by the majority of our readers.

[Source: Electoral Commission] 06.45am, 17 July 2018


Name: Michael Wood, London, UK Date/Time: 17 July 2018, 10.33am

Message: Parliament, by an overwhelming majority, passed the Referendum bill after being told that it gave the people the final decision. The government leaflet repeated that. Parliament voted overwhelmingly to invoke Article 50. Remainers, now voting and working against Brexit, are defying not just the people, but parliament too. We have no means of removing these people, but I do hope their constituency parties will consider whether they want to support people who are opposed to democracy. Sadly, May is not only a remainer, but as she demonstrated during the General Election campaign, no friend of democracy either. She fought a ‘presidential’ campaign putting her ego before the needs of the country. We are paying a heavy price for her self-indulgence and she must go in order that we can move forward, as a democracy, respecting the people’s decision.

Name: Not4EU, London, UK Date/Time: 17 July 2018, 10.11am

Message: As expected, there are now calls for a second (really third) referendum. The self-same people who have refused to accept the result of a referendum result now want…a referendum! Oh, the irony.
The fix didn’t quite work last time, so they’ve worked out a way to split the leave vote, with the previously rejected option of remain making a comeback. People who ‘didn’t understand’ a binary choice would now have three, two effectively being remain, meaning that just 34% could carry the day. Of course, to muddy the waters even further it should be a preference vote to improve remain’s chances. Leavers would only vote for the only real leave option. Pro-EU federalist anti-democrats would vote for remain. So they would concentrate their efforts on getting the ‘second’ remain option on those supporting BRINO, otherwise known as the ‘third way’, with another well-funded Project Fear propaganda drive.

These people are stupid. They obviously think that we are. We have news for you – we’re not.

Name: Not4EU, London, UK Date/Time: 17 July 2018, 09.40am

Message: Morning folks. Well said, and this message needs to be repeated again and again via email/letter to the anti-democratic remainers and also to those MPs outwardly now ‘supporting’ leave but working to achieve the minimal definition of leaving, yoking us to the EU and generally trying to frustrate the process whilst claiming it’s not their fault.

This was evident in the VAT amendment vote last night, where 300 odd opposed us leaving the EU VAT system, and controlling our own purchase taxes. Given that approximately 80% of net VAT receipts is remitted to the EU and not our coffers (the difference being our ‘admin fee’), VAT could be removed immediately, helping the poorest and with little impact on our public finances. The proposed amendment was lost by three votes. A disgraceful demonstration that a large number of MPs have no intention of implementing the referendum instruction. VAT is an EU constructed tax and a foreign power determines what it applies to. Unbelievable. There are times when the last five minutes of the film V seem inspired.

Name: Patrick F, Kent, UK Date/Time: 17 July 2018, 07.30am

Message: Another thing preventing Brexit is the anti-Brexit bias in the fake news media, from the corporations, to the individual journalists and even the Electoral Commission, who have fined Vote Leave and referred them to the Police. Sky News have just asked Liam Fox (7.36am) whether that now makes the Referendum result invalid!