The Home Office – the worst people traffickers of all

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Thousands of foreign criminals given UK citizenship every year… including violent killer who admitted frenzied stabbing

Chief borders inspector says ‘no attempts’ made to check criminal records

John Vine said migrants with ‘very poor’ records granted British citizenship

One migrant made UK citizen despite stabbing someone to death


12 December 2014

Home Office staff have given British passports to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants and foreign criminals – including at least one murderer, a damning report revealed yesterday.

Officials have failed to carry out even basic checks on more than 200,000 migrants applying for British citizenship every year, it said.

The shambles allowed criminals and others with ‘very poor immigration histories’ to obtain a passport – allowing them access to the jobs market, benefits and public services.

Inspectors unearthed one case in which staff accepted an application from an asylum-seeker – unaware that he had admitted a fatal stabbing in his homeland.

The shambles allowed criminals and others with ‘very poor immigration histories’ to obtain a passport – allowing them access to the jobs market, benefits and public services.

Of the 235,000 applications in 2013, the refusal rate was only 3 per cent – three times lower than in 2007.

And with two million passports handed out over the past decade, critics said the potential scale of the scandal is enormous – with up to 12,000 cases being wrongly approved every year.

Last night the Home Office was frantically working to withdraw the citizenship granted to the killer.

Mr Vine’s report – which was handed to Home Secretary Theresa May on September 1 but only released by the Home Office yesterday – found rules were routinely ignored. He said ‘no attempts’ were made to check an applicant’s criminal record. Bizarrely, if an applicant volunteered information about a conviction, it was ignored if the Home Office could not independently verify the information.

There were ‘virtually no other checks’ to establish the good character of applicants, the inspection found.

Rules state that those seeking citizenship must not breach British immigration laws at any time during the five years leading up to their application, unless there are exceptional circumstances.


The report by chief inspector of borders John Vine found that:

No checks were carried out on criminal records in applicants’ homelands;

Passports were given to those who entered Britain illegally, did not have permission to stay or absconded when under immigration controls;

There was a ‘blanket policy’ – not authorised [but no doubt connived at] by ministers – to disregard poor immigration histories;

Applicants were allowed to ‘self-declare’ if they were bankrupt or had engaged in dishonesty, tax avoidance or benefit fraud;

Migrants were not interviewed even when officials doubted their story;

No prosecutions were brought against cheats who tried to lie their way to a passport and citizenship was not revoked for those who gained it on the basis of forged documents;

The department responsible was even given a customer service award.

But officials were routinely ignoring a poor history of evading controls – such as entering Britain illegally or working without permission – a ‘blanket policy’ that was applied without ministerial approval.

Officials also took a lax attitude to those caught cheating the rules or who were bankrupt.

In one case, officials made the ‘very poor decision’ not to revoke the citizenship of someone who used forged documents.

There were also ‘significant delays’ in dealing with allegations concerning deception.

The report heaps huge new pressure on Theresa May after a string of scandals involving foreign criminals and border failures. Mr Vine claims a string of damning reports have been suppressed and is standing down at the end of the year, apparently in protest. Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper accused Mrs May of ‘sitting on the report for months’ and called on her to reveal exact numbers of those awarded citizenship without proper checks.

She added: ‘When Home Office failures allow murderers to get British citizenship the Home Secretary should take action and not seek to manage the bad news.’

Campaign group MigrationWatch called the situation a ‘shambles’. Keith Vaz, chairman of the Commons home affairs committee, called the ‘shocking’ report the ‘most damming I have seen emanate from the chief inspector’s office’.

Immigration and security minister James Brokenshire said the Government was still clearing up the ‘mess’ it inherited – including Labour’s decision in 2007 to grant large numbers the right to remain in Britain indefinitely even if they did not meet the rules.

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Patria says:-

Nearly a decade on from a Labour Home Secretary’s admission that his department was ‘not fit for purpose’ nothing has changed.

The same Lib-Lab-Con traitors continue to heap up Britain’s funeral pyre just as before. As each new scandal breaks their hackneyed refrain remains the same: ‘lessons will be learnt’. What an insult to the intelligence of the electorate!

How many of the Home Office civil servants who flouted immigration law by ‘waving in’ hundreds of thousands of criminals and antisocial types are themselves alien immigrants with a criminal record, or jihadist fellow travellers?

How many of the guilty will now be dismissed and prosecuted for misconduct in public office? Any of them? And what of the Home Secretary, Theresa May: will she now acknowledge her abject failure effectively to lead her department and resign?

The only way to reverse the take-over of Britain by foreign criminal elements is to vote them out at the ballot box.

Patria is the one and only party with the right answer to this threat from the enemy within: stop immigration by persons not of British ancestry; deport the millions of illegal immigrants, bogus asylum seekers, foreign criminals and overstayers; and strengthen our border controls to make them fit for purpose.

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