The greatest hatred

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10:57pm Thu 26 Nov 15

The use of the word racist is hate speech against the English.

But it pales into insignificance compared to the hate crime of robbing us English of our country by encouraging mass immigration and employing, educating and housing immigrants in preference to our folk.

What greater hatred could there be than wanting to deprive a great nation like the English of our country?

Does India, China and all the other Asian, African and Latin American countries have English restaurants and takeaways staffed by English folk?

Do any of them allow millions of foreign immigrants to work illegally in their economy, cheating the revenue and depriving their own people of jobs?

Do any of them permit their people to become a minority in their capital and other major cities?

The answer is: of course not.

But their governments are not in the hands of a political class dominated by the descendants of immigrants who are hostile to the best interests of our people.

Google the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to learn more.

Patria is the one and only party to stand against the political and media Establishment’s jihad against the English.

Vote No to EUrabia at the forthcoming referendum.

Patria, the Home of Patriots, neither left nor right but patriotic.

Join us in the fight for freedom!

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