The Government plan to warp young minds

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Dear Marriage supporter

The Government’s planned introduction of Relationships Education will go ahead, after MPs signalled their agreement yesterday.

The new subject will have to be taught in all primary schools in England. The Commons yesterday granted the Education Secretary sweeping powers to issue regulations and guidance, which will set out the detailed requirements of the new subject. A consultation is expected in the autumn.

As yet, the Government has said little about what will actually be taught in Relationships Education. It is wrong in principle that Parliament should give Ministers such broad powers to issue regulations, which will apply to all schools – whether state-funded or not.

The Government’s intentions may be benign. It talks about protecting children from online dangers and abusive relationships. But there is no doubt the new subject will also be exploited by activists to manipulate children into agreeing with fashionable cultural agendas.

It is no secret that lobby groups are seeking to indoctrinate pupils with the message that certain types of relationships are morally right, not least same-sex ‘marriage’.

C4M does not want to see a situation where teachers or pupils are forced to say things they don’t believe about marriage. This could happen if the new subject compels schools to adopt a pro-same-sex ‘marriage’ stance.

The Government says it will retain the parental right of withdrawal from sex education, when that is taught in primary or secondary schools, but it is refusing to give parents any right of withdrawal from the new subject of Relationships Education.

It is also boosting Ofsted’s role in this area. Given how politically ‘correct’ Ofsted inspectors can be, this is a major cause for concern.

Rest assured that C4M will be monitoring this issue closely on your behalf. We will alert you when the Government launches its consultation later this year. Relationships Education will not come into effect until September 2019 – so this issue has a long way to go.

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Yours sincerely

Colin Hart
Campaign Director
Coalition for Marriage