The foreign nurse from hell

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Blunders that left evil nurse free to kill on NHS ward: How Filipino psychopath who poisoned 22 patients used forged qualifications to get job in UK hospital

Victorino Chua, 49, killed two patients and poisoned more at NHS hospital

Police believe ‘psychopath’ used forged qualifications to register as nurse

Calls for a public inquiry and a review of how foreign nurses are recruited

Detectives fear Chua may have claimed lives of other patients both here and in the Philippines


19 May 2015

Pressure was growing last night for an inquiry into vetting failures that allowed a nurse to kill two patients and poison scores more in an NHS hospital.

Victorino Chua, a 49-year-old father of two, attacked the very people he was supposed to be caring for. At the height of his poisoning spree, police even considered shutting down Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.

Police believe the ‘narcissistic psychopath’ from the Philippines used forged qualifications to register as a nurse here. They even suspect that someone might have sat his nursing exam for him in his homeland.

Ahead of Chua’s sentencing today there were calls for a public inquiry and a review of how foreign nurses are recruited.

It can also be revealed that:

Chua graduated from a nursing college now shut down amid concerns about its poor standards and finances;

Lax vetting – including acceptance of photocopied documents – allowed him to register as a nurse in the UK;

No checks were made with his employers at the Philippines hospital which he left after being accused of theft;

Detectives fear Chua may have claimed the lives of other patients both here and in the Philippines;

There is a trade in fake nursing qualifications that can be bought for as little as £43;

Occupational Health staff at Stepping Hill Hospital failed to raise concerns about Chua’s deteriorating mental state in the run-up to the poisonings;

Victims of the poisonings are in line for millions of pounds in compensation payments from Chua’s NHS hospital trust;

Chua, who became a British citizen in 2008, could use human rights laws to avoid deportation.

Last night, the recently retired prosecutor who helped bring Chua to justice said he believes there could be hundreds of nurses using fake qualifications in UK hospitals.

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Patria says:-

The NHS was set up, in 1948, to be a national health service, not an international health service.

It is simple common sense that the standard and quality of medical and nurse training in Third World countries are not as uniformly good as they once were in Britain.

NHS employers, the GMC and NMC need to be far more rigorous in checking the qualifications, experience and character of foreign workers. And wherever possible, British, rather than foreign healthcare professionals should be hired.

British doctors and nurses are unfairly discriminated against, especially if they are English and denied opportunities for training, employment and promotion, so that foreign staff can be sucked in from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe to further the rotten Establishment’s bigoted multiracialist agenda.

And as we see, time and time again, this insane policy costs lives.