The fake Brexit betrayal of Britain

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There’s just one problem: the international Treaty which Johnson proposes to sign with the EU next month

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We are not lawyers, but we have actually read the “Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration”, and we discussed it with a British barrister based in Brussels. We even produced one of our famous “one-pagers” on it, the day after it was published by the EU.

The government has said nothing about further re-negotiation of these documents, which will in effect become an International Treaty between the United Kingdom and the European Union in a few weeks’ time.

It is therefore understood that the obligations, rights and responsibilities contained in the documents issued by the EU on 12 November 2019 in the Official Journal of the European Union will stand as drafted and agreed.

The Prime Minister will be signing a binding International Treaty with the EU.

The three big questions are therefore:

What happens when the terms of this Treaty contradict what the UK Government puts into law in the UK?

What happens when this Treaty contradicts what Johnson has told Parliament and the British people?

Why is no-one asking about the EU’s outrageous “Divorce Bill”?

As an example of what Johnson will be signing up to, the EU’s demands for financial compensation from the UK are stipulated in the Withdrawal Agreement agreed by Johnson, along with all the other obligations. It is the EU who will decide the sum.

According to the new Treaty, the UK will still have financial obligations to the EU for well over half a century. We have published the details on this before, but if readers wish they can plough through Articles 138-144, and 152-155, which relate to this one matter alone.


The direction of travel from the Prime Minister is extremely welcome. We are now in a much better place than we were only six months ago.

As readers are planning and shopping for the Christmas period, it is possibly not the best time to run an article which brings us all back down to earth. In the end we decided it was better to say something, as this is potentially so serious. Someone has to do it.

We should all be thrilled that things are moving in the right direction after all these years, but Brexit is not yet done. And the fallout if Johnson signs the Treaty with the EU next month will last for generations.

Our objective continues to be that of seeing a thriving, independent, and sovereign nation of which we can all be truly proud.

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