The Establishment media are running scared of Islam

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Another Recruit for Patria?

by Dick Franklin

‘Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, has warned that fear of criticising Islam has led Britain to operate a self-imposed blasphemy law. Carey made the comment in an article for the Sunday Times in response to the slaughter of cartoonists and journalists by radical Islamists.

‘A de facto blasphemy law is operating in Britain today. The fact is that publishers and newspapers live in fear of criticising Islam, Carey writes.

‘He said the threat to free speech from radical and political Islam had been allowed to develop unchecked since 1988, with the “hounding” of the author Salman Rushdie. He wishes we had dealt with it at the time.

‘Carey said that blasphemy laws, abolished here in 2008, were “unjust” and outdated and urged the media to spread the risk in confronting radicalised Islam by publishing controversial material, even if Muslims find it offensive’ (Sunday Times).

I would only part company with Lord Carey, when he says the problem started in 1988. In fact it started a great deal earlier than that, when Muslims began arriving as immigrants shortly after the Second World War. Nationalists warned then that this day would come but they were routinely ignored or denounced by successive Tory and Labour governments. Their successors now carry on as if it has nothing to do with them.

In my view Lord Carey has not fully grasped the seriousness of the situation. I would argue further that Islam should not be regarded as a legitimate religion but a full-on hate crime (the Koran is full of it) and that Cameron and co can be regarded as bad as the madmen with the guns and knives.

Dick Franklin is Patria Parliamentary Candidate for Bournemouth West