The Eleventh Hour

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Exposing the fatally flawed ‘logic’ of Remoanerdom

A consistent message has been appearing in Remoanerdom in recent months. And it contains a fatal flaw.

The idiocy of the argument was perfectly but unwittingly encapsulated by Boris Johnson’s younger brother this week.

Those who voted Remain and who still refuse to accept the democratic decision of the British people in 2016 – the largest exercise of democracy in British history – are now consistently advancing the same message. It is a message with a fundamental and fatal flaw, and it is not being quashed as it should be.

One of the latest proponents of this flawed message is ‘JoJo’ – brother of ‘BoJo’ (Boris Johnson) – when he resigned from government on Friday. The warped logic is so obvious and so astonishingly obtuse that prominent Brexiteers seem to be ignoring it. They do so at their peril.


The message is simple: ‘Brexit has become a nightmare so we should vote again.’

Here is how JoJo (Jo Johnson MP) expressed it in his resignation statement:

“Given that the reality of Brexit has turned out to be so far from what was once promised, the democratic thing to do is to give the public the final say.”

Johnson Junior is now advocating a second referendum, joining the increasing numbers of sore losers on the backbenches in Parliament. His resignation contained a damning indictment of Theresa May’s leadership, which we applaud.

However Mr Johnson failed to join up the dots.

Not only is Brexit in a mess because of the incompetence and hidden agenda of the Remain-voting Prime Minister, it is in a mess because of the very nature of the organization which the British people so wisely voted to leave.


The reality is that whatever one thinks of the supine, subservient approach to Brexit negotiations being conducted by the occupants of No.10 Downing Street (T May and O Robbins), it is the EU that has made Brexit so difficult.

In its entire approach to Brexit the EU has shown its true colours to the British people. Put simply, the EU has given full meaning to the expression:

“With friends like these, who needs enemies?”

If a supposedly-friendly club of which you have been a member for over 45 years turns nasty when you choose to leave, what does that tell you about the club?


Excerpts From Jo Johnson’s Resignation Statement

(And our commentary)

“…a failure of British statecraft on a scale unseen since the Suez crisis”

Yes, this is how it looks internationally.

“Hopes for ‘the easiest trade deal in history’ have proved to be delusions. Contrary to promises, there is in fact no deal at all on our future trading relationship with the EU which the government can present to the country.”

Why is this JoJo? Well, we’ll help you out. It’s because of the EU. It SHOULD have been the easiest trade deal in history.

“Still less anything that offers the ‘exact same benefits’ as the Single Market, as David Davis promised, or the ‘precise guarantees of frictionless trade’ that the Prime Minister assured us would be available.”

David Davis MP (former Secretary of State for Exiting the EU) promised no such thing. He said it was the aim. Read the official Hansard record. We did. We also advised Mr Davis to nail this Remainer lie.

“All that is now being finalised is the agreement to pay the EU tens of billions of pounds. All that may be on offer on trade is the potential for an agreement to stay in a temporary customs arrangement while we discuss the possibility of an EU trade deal that all experience shows will take many years to negotiate.

“This democratic deficit inherent in the Prime Minister’s proposal is a travesty of Brexit. When we were told Brexit meant taking back powers for Parliament, no one told my constituents this meant the French parliament and the German parliament, not our own.”

Thank you, JoJo. You’ve just highlighted the fundamental inconsistency of your argument. Why on earth should leaving the EU mean them taking complete control of our laws?

“This is a con on the British people”

Yes, that about sums it up.

Mr Johnson then makes much of potential border chaos at Dover, without once questioning who will cause the chaos and why.

“Given that the reality of Brexit has turned out to be so far from what was once promised, the democratic thing to do is to give the public the final say.”

No, JoJo, the democratic thing to do is replace the incompetent leadership and enact the decision of the British people. It’s not the people’s fault that Mrs May’s ‘deal’ is a disaster, it’s the government’s, and you were a part of that government until Friday.

“Britain stands on the brink of the greatest crisis since the Second World War…. On this most crucial of questions, I believe it is entirely right to go back to the people and ask them to confirm their decision to leave the EU and, if they choose to do that, to give them the final say on whether we leave with the Prime Minister’s deal or without it.

“To do anything less will do grave damage to our democracy.”

No, you have it entirely the wrong way round. We had our vote. The fact that your precious European Union has behaved abominably only strengthens the case to leave.

Failing to respect the biggest democratic decision in British history is what will inflict grave damage on our democracy.


JoJo, the chairman of your own local constituency association co-signed a letter to the Sunday Telegraph today, which starts “The Government was given an instruction by the British people to leave the European Union. It must ensure that this happens.”

It goes on to say: “She [Mrs May] must ensure that the final deal complies with those red lines that she set out in both the 2017 general election manifesto and her Lancaster House speech – namely, leaving the customs union, the single market and European Court of Justice over-rule.”

Well said, Mr Anthony Owen and fellow constituency chairmen.

JoJo, your own constituency voted to leave the EU for goodness’ sake.


We have a final thought for Johnson Minor, as he was apparently known at Eton.

There was a general election last year and many people would say that the ensuing May government has been a disaster.

Is it legitimate for us to say that we “believe it is entirely right to go back to the people and ask them to confirm their decision”?