The decision has already been made – so let the ‘consultation’ begin

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5:10 PM on 18/08/2013

I whole-heartedly agree with the sentiments expressed by Dr Emerson. I too worked for the NHS and was involved with the closure of Graylingwell Hospital.

Patient and public consultation requires skill, tact and compassion, particularly in the case of those people with a mental health problem and their families.

The fact that Martin was told by his chiropodist and yet another relative was told of the proposed closure by friends who had read it in the local press is appalling and shows what a sham and a fiasco the proposed formal consultation exercise by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and the commissioners is.

For Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to say they are starting to work with the patients and their families to look at options for the future is too little too late. The decision has already been made for the closure of Regnum Cottages – and this decision would not have been put in the public domain without prior agreement in principle by both the Trust and its commissioners. Offering a belated consultation (which is supposedly an integral part of the management process) will do nothing to change this decision.

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