The Crown is riding for a fall

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Gary Dobson’s dropping of his appeal does not in itself constitute an admission of guilt.

The most likely explanation for Mr Dobson’s dropping the appeal against his wrongful conviction, last year, of the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993, is that his legal adviser has told him that the surest way to obtain a significant reduction of his sentence would be if he were able to testify against others who may be suspected of complicity in the crime.

At the moment this is far more likely than the police finding the real culprits, since they are looking in the wrong direction, on the erroneous assumption they already have two of them incarcerated.

After all, the judiciary, the CPS and the Metropolitan Police, have already demonstrated that they are much more interested in flaunting their ‘antiracist’ [sic] credentials than in seeking the truth and serving justice. Parliament has irresponsibly subverted the ancient legal principle of ‘no double jeopardy’; while the Daily Mail has shown itself eager to flout the principle of the presumption of innocence, provided it increases its sales as a result.

“A spokesman for the Judicial Office confirmed yesterday that Dobson had shelved his appeal.

“He could receive a significant reduction in his prison sentence if he testifies against fellow, unconvicted members of the murder gang.”

Daily Mail