The corporate media cannot handle the truth

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Ordinary people, as distinct from professional politicians, are not at risk from the adherents of any ideology or religion other than Islam. How many ‘militant’ or ‘radical’ Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus or Zoroastrians stalk the streets of our cities with murder in their hearts?

We are all at risk, however, from jihadists. Why? Because politicians like Mrs May and her Lib-Lab-Con predecessors have: allowed and encouraged the mass immigration of Muslims for decades; assured the immigrants that the English must fit in with their ways rather than the other way round; turned a blind eye to both the sexual jihad waged by Muslim rape gangs against thousands of vulnerable English children and the incitement to violence preached in many mosques; and supported the US-led invasion and occupation of Muslim countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

This combination of appeasement of Muslims in Britain and bellicosity towards them in their countries of ethnic origin has created the sea in which the terrorists swim, as well as the conditions for the perfect storm now gathering. Weakness, even if only apparent, often invites aggression. And Lib-Lab-Con have been so very weak in their dealings with Muslims in Britain.

The multiculti project of the ‘rainbow nation’, which has been imposed upon the English and to a lesser degree the Scots and Welsh, is blowing up in the faces of those who have been its most zealous proponents. I refer, of course, to the Establishment politicians of Lib-Lab-Con, UKIP, the SNP, Greens, etc. This abortive project has placed us all in danger. Thanks to Mrs May and the other pro-immigration ‘diversity’ extremists, our rights and freedoms, lives and property are all increasingly at risk. ‘Diversity’ = perversity.

Urgent steps must be taken to curb the unwelcome and growing influence of Islam upon our society. Lib-Lab-Con, UKIP, etc, are too wishy-washy to undertake the necessary measures. A grovelling letter from the Communities secretary to imams, three years ago, merely emphasised the cowardice of Lib-Lab-Con in the face of the threat of jihadist terrorism.

The measures that need to be taken urgently include: ending all further immigration by Muslims; rounding up and deporting the estimated three million illegal immigrants in the country, as well as all foreign criminals, unlawful jihadists and their relatives, hate-preaching imams, bogus asylum seekers and overstayers; strengthening our border controls to make them fit for purpose; banning the commissioning of any more mosques; banning the wearing of the burqa and similar garb in public; banning halal slaughter; restoring to our police and armed forces the strength they need to defend us in our homeland; and restoring capital punishment for murder and treason.

Patria is the one and only party with both the courage and the intelligence to safeguard our people effectively.

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