The ‘children’ jihad

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Dr Andrew Emerson 3:25 PM on 23/10/2016

So there we have it: at least ten ‘refugee’ (read trafficked) ‘children’ (read young men) will shortly be coming into West Sussex to rest at council tax payers’ expense for an initial period of 72 hours. They will be followed by an indeterminate number of other ‘refugees’ from camps in Greece, Italy and points east at the discretion of the Home Office. Louise Goldsmith, James Walsh and Sue Mullins, the representatives of Lib-Lab-Con, are content with this. They fail to understand that their moral obligation is first and foremost to the people of West Sussex and not to the Home Office, the EU, or the foreign criminal gangs of traffickers who are getting rich by exploiting the suicidal weakness of western governments.

As for UKIP: Sandra James may be very nice but, judging from her reported contribution to this debate, as weak as water. It’s no good national and local government, police, social workers and boarder farce each passing the buck from one to another and answering any questions with an evasive shrug of the shoulders. It’s time for elected politicians to take their heads out of the sand and begin acting in the interest of the people who pay their wages, rather than following a PC agenda set by Brussels.

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