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Last Monday, 14 July, Patria hosted a very successful open meeting of nationalist patriots, within a few miles of the sacred spot on which English feet first trod this historic land of ours, more than one and a half millennia ago.

I say ‘land of ours’, because it is still ours. It has been bought and paid for in blood many times over. The blood which was shed by our ancestors in winning it and keeping it, against any and all who would take it away from us.

Will we need to shed our own blood in order to be able to pass on this priceless inheritance to our descendants? We hope not. We hope that such sacrifice will not be necessary. But equally we are determined to keep what is ours by right of ancestry. We shall not allow our country to be slowly prised from our grasp.

We shall not permit a government, some of whose members and many of whose supporters are themselves ethnic aliens, with no love for those whom they are supplanting, to perpetrate the greatest betrayal our people has ever known.

How does this supplanting, this ousting of the people of our race occur? Insidiously and over the generations since non-white mass immigration began, in 1948, the direction of travel towards the race replacement of our people by ethnic aliens has remained unchanged, whichever flavour of Lib-Lab-Con treason has fronted the betrayal from No 10.

In the early days Lib-Lab-Con used temporary post-war labour shortages as their rationale for mass immigration from British colonies in the West Indies and subsequently from Africa and Asia, though the problem would have been better solved by introducing flexible working hours for married women and raising wages.

When brave voices, like that of Cyril Osborne MP, were raised in protest the government of the day tried to fob them off with worthless assurances that the immigration was only temporary and that many of the immigrants would eventually return to their own countries for good and all.

Now there are so many millions of them here and they are outbreeding us so rapidly the Establishment narrative, purveyed by the BBC and most of the press, has assumed a much more sinister tone.

The people who forged the Industrial Revolution and built an empire on which the sun never set are now said to be feckless, work-shy and unskilled by the traitors who govern us. From their privileged social position they demand more and ever more discrimination by employers against our people and in favour of blacks and Asians.

And, of course, every year there is more and ever more immigration of destitute non-whites from the three corners of the world to our overcrowded island, to add to the millions of the unemployed and underemployed and to the demand on our NHS, schools, housing and other public services.

But back to the meeting.

Speakers at the meeting, which was billed as a meeting for nationalists irrespective of party affiliation, heard speeches by: Richard Edmonds, founding member and former Deputy Leader of the BNP; Dick Franklin, former long-serving member of the Directorate of the National Front and Company Secretary of Excalibur House; Dennis Whiting, veteran nationalist organizer, now Nominating Officer and Chairman of Patria; and Dr Andrew Emerson, Treasurer and Press Officer of Patria.

The meeting was chaired by Dennis. Also present and taking part in the discussion following the speeches were Tess Culnane of the National Front and her husband.

Other organizers and activists from parties such as the BDP, BNP and National Front were also present.

Each of the speakers received a round of enthusiastic applause at the end of their speech. I think I can safely say it was a lively but a good-natured meeting!

In his speech Andrew called for our UK parliament to allow MPs a free vote on the question of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. The way each MP voted would then be made known to their constituents and would be borne in mind by them when deciding for whom to vote at the general election.

This is a much fairer procedure than a referendum, the outcome of which usually depends on which side has the greatest amount of money to spend on its publicity campaign.

In a free vote a majority of MPs will vote for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU because, as Richard interjected, ‘they want to keep their jobs’. They would rightly fear being voted out of their seats by their constituents at the general election if they were to vote any other way.

Will the leaders of Lib-Lab-Con, reading this, agree to allow a free vote of MPs on a motion to take the UK out of the EU?

It may seem unlikely at present but things change and as someone once said ‘a week is a long time in politics’.

Furthermore, by refusing to allow such a reasonable measure as a free vote, in which MPs vote according to their conscience, or self-interest, rather than on party lines, the Lib-Lab-Con leaders expose themselves to the electorate as the unreasonable ideologues they really are.

Dick’s speech drew attention to the growing threat to both the safety and freedom of our people of British race posed by both the terrorism of fanatical Muslim jihadists and the security measures proposed by government supposedly to address the problem.

The problem that is actually the unacknowledged result of Lib-Lab-Con’s standing policy of promoting the mass immigration of blacks and Asians since 1948.

The very problem whose only solution is for our people to put an end, once and for all, to the immigration of such ethnic aliens into our country and to begin to repatriate those millions who have no legal right to be here.

The problem to which only Patria both is and has the right answer.

Dick showed the meeting the first issue of his free ten-page newsletter Patria and a number of copies were distributed, along with Patria recruitment leaflets.

In the course of the meeting it was confirmed that Patria intends to field a number of candidates at the general election next year.

A collection raised the sum of £70 for Patria’s treasury.

Why not visit the Electoral Commission’s web site and view the 2013 Accounts of Patria, which, unlike some, always submits its Accounts on time, keeps no guilty secrets from its members and is not continually begging for donations for some imaginary ponzi scheme, like a banker on acid?

As Andrew said ‘No one should expect to receive an income from the party’. No, personal gain is not what we are about. There will be no ‘party payroll’, in-fighting over which contributed to the splintering and decline of the National Front in the 1980s and the BNP more recently.

There will be no ‘subscription farming’ and no sub-contracting. In short, no opportunities whatsoever for the greedy and unscrupulous to cheat our members, however big we become. If this sits uneasily with some, then too bad. It’s a good indication that they are not involved for the right reasons.

If you fancy yourself a businessman, why, go and do your business and good luck to you. But please, don’t try to turn our politics into your profit.

Why on earth would anyone expect a person who cannot cut it in the real world of work to do a good job within a political party?

In Patria, the Home of Patriots, we don’t even claim expenses. We put our party before ourselves and our party is growing as a result.