Taxation but no representation, ‘Brexit’ but no freedom from EU tyranny

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Two weeks ago we reported on a leaked draft of the EU’s latest demands. Yesterday those worst nightmares were realised, when the EU’s General Affairs Council approved the recommendations of the EU Commission and issued its mandate for negotiations of the transitional [sic] period.


UK will become a vassal state of the EU on 29 March 2019

It will be under complete EU law and must obey all EU rules and procedures

The Court of Justice of the EU will be supreme

Full freedom of movement will continue, no control of borders

UK will have no representation at EU Council, EU Parliament, EU Commission, EU agencies

UK will have no say over laws, directives, rules or procedures

The British Parliament will not be sovereign

UK will continue paying vast annual contributions in full

Patria says:-

This is what you get for voting Lib-Lab-Con at a general election – the national disgrace of abject surrender to foreign powers by a gang of quislings styling themselves HM government.

There can be only one response to this “offer” from the EU. As Patria has consistently demanded: WTO rules and no divorce bill. In other words, no deal, something Mrs May has often said is better than a bad deal.

Well, if the EU’s offer of vassal status does not qualify as a bad deal for Britain, what does? The only answer can be to walk away and prepare to sign new trade agreements with countries such as the US and China this year, meanwhile trading with the EU27 and a host of other countries in accordance with WTO rules.

In view of the fact that our imports from the EU exceed our exports to them by about £80 billion per year, Britain stands to make a fortune from even modest tariffs, as well as saving scores of billions of pounds each year by stopping our membership fee, repudiating the divorce bill and cancelling our financing of the “EU Army”.

Winston Churchill once said “I was not the lion but it fell to me to give the lion’s roar”. We have a rather different prime minister today. One who, it seems, is only capable of giving the miaow of surrender.

The Cabinet is chaired by a former remainer and is full of remainers and cryptoremainers. The higher ranks of the civil service are also full of remainers. Is it surprising therefore that tendentious reports are leaked to the equally remain-supporting media? Is it surprising that Mrs May has no vision of a successful and prosperous post-Brexit Britain?

The so-called transition period is nothing but an open-ended invitation to serfdom. It has been designed by the Anglophobes of Brussels, Paris and Berlin to enable the traitors of Westminster and Whitehall to blame the economic hardship it will inevitably entail on Brexit, when the truth is that Brexit will not even have been tried. It will be Brino – Brexit in name only.

Vassal status will also discourage other EU member states from following Britain’s lead and trying to take back control of their economy and society from the EU.

This is the EU’s cunning plan. It can only work with the active collaboration of traitors in the House of Treason and House of Frauds.