Stop immigration, save the countryside!

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Dr Andrew Emerson

1:52 PM on 07/03/2015

Immigration on a vast scale is driving the government’s house building programme. The annual rate of immigration is now 624,000, the highest it has ever been. So much for the promise Cameron made five years ago to reduce it.

The simple fact is that without immigration which, despite what anyone may say, Britain does not need, large numbers of new houses would be entirely unnecessary.

Immigration, the drug to which Lib-Lab-Con, UKIP and Greens are addicted, creates an excessive demand for new houses, which property developers are eager to exploit by bulldozing our green fields.

Patria’s policy on housing is to prohibit building on greenfield sites. But property developers are much less interested in building on brownfield sites, because the higher cost involved means there is less profit in it for them.

And it’s not simply the permanent loss of productive farm land and plant and wildlife habitat we need to consider. It’s also the effect of thousands of new residents on Chichester’s schools, GP surgeries, hospitals, roads, libraries, water and sewerage systems.

Are we prepared to stand by and let the council turn our beautiful city into a sprawling urban wasteland?

I say ‘No’.

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