Stitched up like a kipper by Blackadder-Farage

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UKIP NEC sackings – deja vu all over again

29 November 2013

Dr Eric Edmond

Sooner or later the penny must drop with the UKIP rank and file that they are simply being exploited by the cabal and the damage Farage is doing to UKIP now exceeds the benefits he brings. How many elected members of UKIP NEC have been ousted recently by the cabal CEO, Crowther? Denny, Pain and most lately David Gale. 

Denny was a supporter of Farage right or wrong and helped him oust Del, David Abbott and me from our elected positions on the UKIP NEC over 4 years ago. This was of course before the days of Crowther, when Whittaker and Nuttall were Farage’s chosen party chairmen. Did this save Denny when he lost favour with Farage? Of course not! Denny’s favourite description then of those who did not blindly worship Farage was ‘malcontents’. This is an army that will keep on growing as long as Farage is allowed to run UKIP. Losses from the NEC mirror the loss of UKIP MEPs. The common factor is Nigel Farage! Too late for the kippers to wake up. They have been well and truly stitched up.

David Gale, whom I do not know, sums it up excellently in a resignation letter to Farage. I urge you all to read it by clicking on the link below:

I quote from his letter

“There is a lack of transparency over matters relating to the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC). Party rules are routinely flouted by the leadership. When held to account, party chairman Steve Crowther almost gleefully points at a revised party constitution that allows the NEC to retrospectively approve breaches of the rules by the leadership.”

Quite. Farage aided by his NEC placemen can do what he likes, eject elected members and ignore party democratic decisions. Yet he is allowed by the mainstream media to make the unchallenged claim that UKIP is the most democratic party in the UK! It is a huge propaganda lie worthy of Dr Goebbels.

Chris Pain, another great and electorally successful UKIP activist has also been ejected. I reproduce below his letter,

Stephen Crowther,
UK Independence Party

3rd September, 2013

For the attention of Steve Crowther

I feel my position on the NEC has become untenable, and confirm that I resign forthwith from the NEC until such time as the necessary changes have been made to re-establish my confidence in the party’s structure and organization.

I have no intentions of standing for re-selection as a voting member on behalf of Lincolnshire on the EMCC, which in effect means I will not be standing for chairman either.  I have decided to concentrate all my efforts in pushing UKIP forward in Lincolnshire.

Following my conversation with Will Gilpin, I have grave concerns re the involvement that you have had in various actions that have affected me both in UKIP and my personal life. I feel strongly that  these issues need to be investigated fully by the NEC, as your actions amount to harassment against me personally.

A separate issue concerns your involvement in pushing through the national selection process of MEPs against the will of the membership and the Regional Chairmen. It has become evident after reading transcripts between yourself and Doug Denny, that there are serious failings which could easily lead to discontentment amongst our members re the entire process. The conversation, previously outlined, possesses a serious issue about your integrity re the handling of the whole MEP process.  When I raised this issue with Matthew Richardson and Jonathan Arnott, Matthew informed me that there was no form of redress to the party, the process or the NEC and that the only way to challenge this would be through the high court.

I have been brought up to believe in fairness, democracy and justice and, therefore, there is no way I can remain a member on the NEC, as this would be rubber stamping your actions.

Please can you forward this onto to the rest of the NEC.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr Chris Pain

UKIP has dropped any pretence of democracy and is being steadily given over to Tory rejects like the Hamiltons and Helmer. That is a sure fire guarantee of electoral failure.

How did UKIP end up in this dead end. Well, Edmund Burke summed it up thus 200 years ago:

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

He went further:

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.

That is what has happened to those in UKIP who could not be bought by MEP money and stood up for UKIP’s principles. We did fail to associate but with NEC meeting agenda and dates being controlled by Farage nominees, along with the party conference speakers and agenda we were bound to lose.

Unlike Messrs Pain, Dale and Denny, Del, David and I did not resign from the NEC, we forced the cabal to sack us, in Del’s case from the party by Nuttall. Resigning makes it easy for the bad guys to win.

The pivotal moment came in the run up to the 2009 Europeans when Greg Beaman who had been voted into the number one spot on the North West list was pressured to stand down in favour of Nuttall. This secured Farage’s position in UKIP. One more Farage independent MEP might have made a huge difference. Who would Farage have chosen as deputy leader? Gerard Batten springs to mind.

I fear for our country.  If you go into politics remember the dictum, all political careers end in failure. Let us hope Farage is not exempt.