Step by step the Establishment is betraying the nation

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The criminal folly of institutions such as UK banks and universities, not to mention government, local and national, pandering to a craze of deluded white guilt-tripping should be self-evident.

Historical revisionism does not consist solely in the undemocratic governments of countries such as Russia, China and Turkey airbrushing genocide and the violation of human rights from their history. It also consists in the distortion of history by means of a dumbed down narrative of Anglophobic propaganda: a cultural revolution promoted by blackguards instead of red.

The sinister agenda behind such a misrepresentation, when it occurs in tandem with massive demographic change through state sponsored immigration, can only be to soften up the indigenous population for their subjugation and eventual dispossession of their homeland.

Lest anyone imagine that such a thesis lacks evidence, the recent statement by Johnson that he would welcome three million Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong, as well as the ‘cancelling’ of individuals who dare publicly to express dissent, lends it weight. Johnson, like the police, the courts, the banks and the universities, is following the path of least resistance: a policy of appeasement of the aggressor, of kneeling, much like his idol Churchill for most of the 1930s.

The only oppressed community in the UK is its shrinking English majority, an assertion amply borne out by the underachievement of English children relative to other ethnic groups within state schools. Yet an immigrant prime minister announces a commission, chaired by an immigrant and whose work will be overseen by an immigrant equalities minister, to look into why immigrants are underachieving. You couldn’t make it up. But they did!

If other communities feel oppressed what is preventing them returning home? Unlike the English they have other lands they can call home. As for ‘reparations’ to the descendants of slaves, how far back should one go? Since Britain and its empire was the leading force for progress, with the Royal Navy suppressing the trans-oceanic slave trade in the decades following 1807, perhaps the erstwhile citizens of other nations ought to compensate us for the blood and treasure spent accomplishing the self-imposed task.

The British Empire was not the officers and men who served it. The empire was not those men who created it, or who fought in its name in the Boer War and the two world wars, or who served it in the years of peace. The empire is not those who will proudly carry its name in future years.

The nation is above and beyond those who serve it. The nation is tradition – the nation is service – the nation is love of country – the nation, above all else, is sacrifice.

Those who served it yesterday, those who serve it today, and those who will serve it tomorrow, have added, and will add, glory to its name. They are honoured in that opportunity.

Year by year the faces change. Year by year young men come forward to take the places of older men. But, provided we are not bred out through the immigration of aliens, the nation lives on. When all here today are but a memory, the nation will still stand – famous for past deeds, ever ready for new challenges. Britannia Rediviva.

Who are the “hateful extremists” in our country? Certainly, jihadist killers and rapists, as well as those who criminally damage our cultural heritage, fit the description. But so too do their enablers and apologists, including the Establishment politicians who brought them here and fail to remove them.

The capture of our national institutions, including parliament, by immigrants whose loyalty to our people is questionable at best, is the greatest challenge we have ever faced. We shall rise to it.

English Lives Matter.

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