Sorry seems to be the hardest word

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Peter Cruddas’ successful libel action against the Sunday Times and the judge’s damning obiter dicta about Mr Cameron’s disgraceful treatment of the Conservative Party’s former treasurer, has not yet elicited an apology from the prime minister.

It seems that, like his role model, Tony Blair, he is only too ready to apologize where no apology is either required or appropriate, for Britain’s glorious imperial past, for example, but is most reluctant to say sorry when he really should do so: when he personally has behaved badly.

Perhaps he doesn’t mind his country appearing to be weak (by unnecessarily apologizing on its behalf) but doesn’t wish to appear to be weak himself, particularly as that is exactly what he is.

Whilst on the subject of treasurers and their troubles, the treasurer of another party seems to have got into a spot of bother with the law (and not for the first time). The bone of contention this time appears to be a certain leaflet which might be thought to depreciate the calibre of Labour’s foreign hired help (British jobs for Foreign workers) in the local elections last May.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys? Is this saying really true? After all, Mr Cruddas, who seems to have been quite a competent treasurer, as far as one can tell, was unpaid in his role as treasurer of his party. As indeed am I as treasurer of Patria.

Another party treasurer might be very generously remunerated and yet not know one end of a balance sheet from the other.

Could it be a case of: pay euros, get monkeys?

Note to the police: please don’t leave the gentleman (I use the term loosely, of course) in a cell without food and water for five days. I’d hate the Crown to become liable for a large award of compensation.

And if you strip search him, please don’t broadcast the CCTV images to the front desk.

I think that’s all. Except to say: let’s all remember not to donate.

Unless it’s to Patria, whose Accounts for the period up to 31 December 2012 may be viewed on the web site of the Electoral Commission.

Donate to any other party and you’re throwing your hard earned money into a black hole. There are a lot of sharks and other creatures of the deep, circling out there. And some trusting souls seem to need to be bitten (or stung) more than once before the penny drops.

You and your family need that money. Sending it to crooks, chancers, charlatans and snake oil salesmen (apologies if I’ve missed anyone out) not only does not benefit yourself and your loved ones, but actually damages the patriotic cause by helping to prolong the agony of moribund organizations, that are merely a transitory distraction from the new growth of a patriotic party that is destined for greatness.

Sadly, it seems some never learn.