Something rotten in the state

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Good news for patriots from Austria, less good from Greece.

The alleged division of labour between Golden Dawn’s political organization and a strong-arm squad, supposedly tasked with intimidating those whom its leadership most dislike, does not have a merely historical resonance. If true, then it very much mirrors, though perhaps to a somewhat more extreme degree, the situation currently facing patriots in other European countries, including our own.

Here in Britain, howling mobs of hate-crazed bigots are regularly unleashed against parties which, though not legally banned, are demonized by most national media outlets, particularly the BBC (which under the terms of its charter should be even-handed but is not). At what point does such licensed defamation by presenters, pundits and celebrities, tip over into actual incitement to violence against these parties’ leaders, candidates, activists and members?

The attitude of the police, the CPS and the courts towards members of patriotic parties who have been subjected to violence and/or threats of violence, by political opponents (particularly when the latter are ethnic aliens) leaves much to be desired and again demonstrates a lack of proper impartiality.

The prime minister is himself a signatory to the founding mission statement of one of the most vicious anti-patriot hate organizations, as are a number of other MPs from the parties of the political Establishment. These strong-arm squads (or storm detachments) receive generous funding from trade unions, public bodies, individual MPs (many of them ethnic aliens) and immigrant organizations, in return for which they wage a campaign of vilification, intimidation and dirty tricks against patriotic parties, their leaders, candidates and activists.

These groups, paradoxically describing themselves as ‘antifascist’ while employing a fascist modus operandi, collectively constitute a veritable industry, albeit an unproductive and state-subsidized one.

Their function is to help maintain a climate of fear, in which certain political views are seen to arouse such hostility from representatives of the Establishment in all its forms, that the man in the street is deterred from professing such views, for fear of reprisals in the shape of physical violence, threats to himself or his family, loss of employment, or other victimization, or at the least the disapproval of friends and neighbours.

A genuine democracy should fear neither radical viewpoints, nor revolutionary ideologies: such competition in the market-place of ideas is the very warp and weft of democratic politics.

Democracy cannot be sustained by means of political repression (and that is what the whole panoply of publicly-funded ‘antifascism’ and Establishment-approved witch-hunting of patriots in general, amounts to), but by degrees slips insensibly into tyranny.