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Rotherham councillors back controversial new licensing laws for taxi drivers

8 July 2015

Councillors have backed tougher new licensing measures for Rotherham taxi drivers – including putting CCTV in all cabs – despite the implementation of the measures being delayed.

The policy had already been approved by Commissioner Mary Ney, but was supported almost unanimously at a full meeting of Rotherham Council this afternoon.

It had originally been announced the policy changes would come into place from the start of this week, with drivers being required to fit CCTV into their vehicles within three months at their own cost.

But following an angry reaction from many drivers, including around 100 taking part in a protest outside the Town Hall and dozens participating in ‘go-slow’ drives around town, a further meeting was held on Monday with officials from the Rotherham Private Hire Drivers Association.

It was announced prior to the council meeting that more time will be granted to arrange issues such as the timescale for the introduction of CCTV.

The new licensing policy also includes measures such as requiring drivers to pass a ‘fit and proper’ persons test and a requirement to have a BTEC qualification.

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Patria says:-

Is it only the cost of fitting CCTV cameras to their cabs to which these Asian Muslim drivers object? Or are some of them put out they will no longer be able to rape and traffic vulnerable English children with impunity, as they have in the past and may still be doing?

No delaying tactics should be tolerated. The cameras and other vital security measures, which the council shamefully failed to implement over eighteen years, must be put into effect without further delay. The safety of our English children must no longer take second place to the convenience of alien thugs and perverts.