Serve our people or go

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The alien immigrant dominated Westminster parties will now attempt to nullify the democratic will of the British electorate, by speeding up the EU sponsored invasion of England by illegal immigrants from the continent and granting them both amnesty and the vote more quickly.

Within the next two years a second referendum may be held, which the foreigners will hope to win by means of such gerrymandering, including such ploys as giving the vote to sixteen-year-olds and allowing them time off school in which to cast their vote.

Most professional politicians, MEPs and councillors, along with the media, business and education Establishment, are bought and paid for traitors whose snouts are firmly wedged in the EU trough. Of course they will not give up their place on the gravy train without a fight. To them the will of the people means nothing and democracy a sham. A lucrative sham but a sham nonetheless.

If you care about your future and that of your family: be prepared to protest and protest strongly at any sign of the government neglecting its duty to respect the result of the 23 June referendum, not only in word but in deed.

Incidentally, this is the reason the political and media Establishment make such a fuss about ‘racism’: because they know only too well that once the British people understand they are governed by alien immigrants who hate and betray them by promoting immigration and putting foreigners first, their days in power will be numbered.

Use of the word racist by any immigrant is hate speech against the English. The media give great exposure to the most trivial of assaults on immigrants, labelling them ‘racist’ regardless of context, though they ignored for decades the sexual exploitation of thousands of English children by Muslim rape gangs.

What greater hatred can there be than trying to deprive a great nation like the English of our country by handing it over to foreigners?

Britain is the only one of the twenty-eight EU countries whose economy is healthy and performing well. They, the other twenty-seven, collectively sell significantly more goods and services to Britain than we sell to them. So they need us as a customer more than we need them – and they know it.

Our exports to other EU countries have also been a declining share of our international trade for more than a decade, while our exports to the rest of the world outside the EU have been a growing share of our international trade.

In 2015 the UK had a trade deficit of £68 billion with the EU – but a surplus of £31 billion with non-EU countries.

Britain’s prime minister must now invoke article fifty of the Lisbon treaty and begin the process of disentanglement from the sick monster of Europe that is the EU. The process should be completed well within two years. And parliament must repeal the European Communities Act that took us in back in 1973.

If the drones in the House of Treason refuse to take this step then they must be removed from their seats and replaced by honest patriots.

Freedom from the creeping tyranny of the EU will be a hollow victory if the evil aims of that tyranny are achieved by other means. The formal independence of our country is both necessary and desirable, but it is not sufficient on its own to ensure the safety and well-being of our nation.

Immigration by anyone not of British ancestry must be stopped and a programme of financially assisted voluntary repatriation developed. All illegal immigrants, foreign criminals, bogus asylum seekers, hate preaching imams and overstayers must be deported to their lands of ethnic origin or point of last departure.