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Asylum bid by Libyans in sex rampage: Three soldiers jailed following night of vile assaults demand right to stay in the UK

Ibrahim El Maarfi, Mohammed Abdalsalam and Khaled El Azibi want to stay

Trio jailed after they hunted in ‘pack’ to attack three women in Cambridge

Soldiers escaped barracks, stole bikes and cycled to city to target women

After less than a year in jail they have been released to immigration centre


1 October 2015

Three Libyans jailed for molesting women in a drunken rampage are seeking asylum in Britain.

The soldiers, who have served short sentences in UK prisons, are thought to be using legal aid to lodge their claims.

They say they risk persecution if sent home because their crimes have brought Libya into disrepute. The case shows yet again how human rights laws can scupper the deportation of foreign offenders.



Around one foreign criminal applies for asylum in Britain every day despite committing offences either in this country or abroad.

Home Office figures from last year revealed how around 400 convicts from overseas a year are now looking for refuge in this country by taking advantage of human rights laws.

In 2014 it emerged 100 war criminals had applied for asylum in the UK in the last 12 months, with nearly 800 asking the UK Border Agency to remain in this country over the last eight years.

There have been several high profile cases – including one that may chime with the Libyan soldiers now seeking asylum.

A Libyan convicted of 78 offences escaped deportation last Febuary on the grounds he is an alcoholic. The 53-year-old man, who is protected by an anonymity order, successfully argued he would be tortured and imprisoned by the authorities in his homeland because drinking alcohol is illegal.

Iraqi Aso Mohammed Ibrahim left 12-year-old Amy Houston to die ‘like a dog’ under the wheels of his car after knocking her down in 2003 while banned from driving. Twice refused asylum, he was never removed by the Home Office and, after the killing, was allowed to stay in the UK after serving a mere four months in jail because he had fathered two children here, which judges ruled gave him a right to a ‘family life’.

A Bangladeshi woman jailed for five years for stabbing her baby daughter with a kitchen knife in East London in 2009 won the right to stay in Britain so she could rebuild her relationship with the child.


The fiasco is also a blow to David Cameron who had said the soldiers should not be allowed to stay here.

In a book serialised by the Mail last week the Prime Minister was criticised by top brass for his 2011 Libyan intervention. That intervention led to the disastrous training scheme that brought the soldiers here and cost taxpayers £15 million.

Richard Scorer, a solicitor representing one of the four women who were attacked, said: ‘She, like the other victims, assumed as soon as these men had completed their sentences they would be deported.

‘My client was dismayed and shocked to learn of the asylum applications. Like us, she is struggling to understand how men who came to this country as guests of our country and abused this hospitality could possibly be making these applications.

‘She, and we, think it is totally and utterly unacceptable.’ He said asylum applications were normally made on the basis that the applicant had a ‘general and justifiable fear of persecution in their home country’.

Lawyers representing the soldiers are also expected to argue their lives would be at risk from Islamic State fanatics in Libya [and ours are at risk from them here].

Khaled El Azibi, Ibrahim Naji El Maarfi and Mohammed Abdalsalam were among 300 recruits who came to the UK under an arrangement to train them to restore security to their country. Two other cadets were jailed for 12 years each for raping a man in a park in Cambridge on the same day the women were sexually assaulted.

Cambridgeshire Police confirmed the three men have been released from prison and are being held at secure immigration units.

Even if their applications are unsuccessful they are likely to extend their time in the UK by months and possibly years – all at great cost.

Four Libyans applied for asylum before the training programme at ex-RAF Bassingbourn was closed, bringing the total to seven.

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