Send them back AND keep them out

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Romanian sex attacker who was jailed in the UK then deported on his release brazenly waltzed back into the country on his own passport just months later

Romanian had conviction for attempted rape in Romania but moved to UK

He then carried out a series of sex crimes on buses in Hertfordshire in 2014

44-year-old was jailed and deported but returned to Britain within months

Former police chief says the case highlights border security issues


7 November 2016

A Romanian sex offender who rubbed himself in front of teenage girls on a school bus walked back into Britain soon after he was deported.

Cornel Popa had been kicked out of the UK after he was jailed for a string of sex attacks in Hertfordshire in 2014.

But – despite his conviction and deportation – the father-of-four then returned to Britain and was arrested again over an assault in north London.

There have been repeated rows over the ease with which convicted criminals from EU countries have been able to move to and commit offences in the UK.

Popa, 44, had already been jailed for five years for attempted rape in his native Romania before he first moved to Waltham Cross with his four children and their mother.

But in March 2014, he kissed the hand of a 16-year-old girl on a school bus in Stevenage before rubbing his trousers. He told the girl: ‘This is for you.’

A 17-year-old reported a similar incident on the same day, with another teenager saying Popa appeared to be ‘getting a thrill’ from rubbing himself.

Popa also admitted touching the bottom of a woman cyclist and rubbing himself in front of another woman on a bus in Hatfield.

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