Same-sex ‘marriage’ really takes the biscuit

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Dear Marriage supporter

Marriage is “the best family policy”

A commentator has called for our political leaders to show resolve and back marriage. Harry Benson from the Marriage Foundation said the best way to help troubled families is to support marriage (Conservative Home, 18 October).

Pointing to figures showing that nearly 45% of teenagers no longer live with both natural parents, Benson said “the Government needs to get serious about turning the tide of family breakdown”.

The article cites evidence that half of all family breakdown now takes place among unmarried parents either during pregnancy or before their child’s second birthday.

Harry Benson says marriage is “the best family policy”. We agree. Many factors have conspired to undermine marriage in recent decades in Britain, not least David Cameron’s decision to redefine it in law by introducing same-sex marriage.

Ashers ruling due on Monday

The much anticipated ruling in the case of Ashers Baking Company is to be handed down in Belfast on Monday (24 October).

The McArthur family have appealed against the initial ruling which fined them for declining to produce a pro-same-sex marriage campaign cake.

This case has implications for freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. We will let you know the outcome of the ruling from the Court of Appeal.

European marriage petition

A pro-family initiative is seeking to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman for the purposes of EU law.

Whatever your views about Brexit, it’s good to do whatever we can to preserve the true meaning of marriage. This move would help families in the remaining 27 member countries of the EU.

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