Remember Kriss Donald

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This is the tenth anniversary of the worst racially motivated murder in British history.

On this day ten years ago a fifteen-year-old Scot, named Kriss Donald, was murdered after having been kidnapped only yards from his home, driven around in a car for several hours, horribly tortured, soaked in petrol, set alight and finally left to die a lonely death on the Clyde Walkway in Glasgow.

The perpetrators of this dastardly crime, all Pakistani immigrants, were eventually convicted and imprisoned, though one can hardly say brought to justice while they continue to breathe and see the sky, even through the window of a prison cell.

Kriss would be twenty-five today, if he had lived. Perhaps he would be married and thinking of starting a family of his own. Perhaps he would already be a father. At any rate he would be living his life and looking forward to the future with all of its challenges, its joys, hopes and uncertainties. Instead he became one more casualty in the criminal Establishment’s war against our people.

Our Britain was once a peaceful law-abiding land. Our people had made it so and it suited us that way. Then insidiously, over two generations, the political Establishment made a Third World cesspool and called it ‘diversity’.

Rest in peace, Kriss, you will never be forgotten.

Never be forgotten, though the hate crazed bigots of UAF and their Establishment backers, many of whom are themselves ethnic aliens, do their utmost to erase his memory by, for example, obstructing a planned wreath laying at the site of the murder.

It’s as if they have a bad conscience over their crimes and seek to suppress any evidence that would remind our people of them. This begs the question: of what are they afraid?

Be that as it may, the memory of this young martyr will never die.

This is a letter I wrote to the Chichester Observer about the murder, which was published on 31 March 2005.


Appalled at the racially aggravated kidnap, torture and murder of a 15-year-old Scot named Kriss Donald and almost equally so at the failure of TV, radio and the Press to give the shocking crime the prominent coverage it deserved, I wrote, in December last year, to my MP, Andrew Tyrie.

Mr Tyrie appeared from his reply to have been unaware of the murder.

He said that he ‘understood’ my ‘disappointment’ at the lack of coverage by the news media and asked whether he could show my letter to the Foreign Secretary.

I telephoned Mr Tyrie’s secretary and gave permission for this to be done, she assuring me that Mr Tyrie would get back to me and let me know the outcome.

That was before Christmas. Since then I have heard nothing from either my MP or his secretary.

If the news media, Parliament and the government are to operate a double standard with regard to racially-motivated crimes – as a comparison of the ‘silent treatment’ accorded the Kriss Donald murder with the widespread coverage of that of Stephen Lawrence confirms they do – then it is not surprising that the BNP is the fastest-growing political party in Britain today.

Dr A Emerson

Not mentioned in the letter above is the fact that, in Mr Tyrie’s letter to which it refers, he did not even manage to get Kriss Donald’s name right, referring to him as ‘Donald Kriss’. Such an impression had the kidnap, torture and murder of one of our children by a gang of ethnic alien immigrants made upon this pillar of the Establishment.