Recall parliament and repeal the ‘Human Riots’ Act

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How feeble! Cameron attacked for ‘sticking plaster’ response to Calais crisis after he announces plans for a few extra sniffer dogs and better fences

Prime Minister admitted an entire summer of misery is on the way as one of the biggest holiday weekends began

Families were stranded in queues for hours in France and England and the M20 once again became a lorry park

Mr Cameron held emergency Cobra meeting as hundreds of largely Muslim invaders once again laid siege to the Channel Tunnel

MPs and haulage bosses said PM’s response showed he and his officials ‘don’t have a clue’ about scale of the crisis


1 August 2015

David Cameron is under fire for a ‘sticking plaster’ effort to tackle the Calais migrant crisis after admitting an entire summer of misery is on the way.

The Prime Minister came under attack as one of the biggest holiday getaway weekends of the year began with scenes of bedlam in France and England.

Families were stranded in queues for hours, the M20 was once again turned into a lorry park and smoke billowed in Calais as French workers set fire to tyres in a wildcat strike.

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Patria says:-

Cameron and the rest of the Anglophobic traitors of the political Establishment are laughing up their sleeves at this ‘crisis’. They could solve the problem tomorrow if they had the will to do so.

But far from wanting to solve the problem, they and the French government with whom they are in cahoots, want it to continue to fester.

It’s all part of their long-term plan to make us English a minority in our own country. We English are already a minority in London, Slough, Luton, Leicester and by now probably Birmingham as well. Government decided not to hold another census after the last one in 2011. The bad news, for us, contained in the last census, no doubt explains their decision not to hold another in 2021.

If Cameron and co were serious about solving the problem, they would not speak feebly of sniffer dogs, fencing and landlords and then go off on holiday, making sure to avoid the Eurotunnel, of course.

No, they would do what Patria demands: recall parliament; repeal the Human Rights Act, 1998, which they use as a pretext for allowing the criminal invaders to remain and occupy our country; renounce the European Convention on Human Rights, so that foreign judges cannot stick their oar in; and use the army to close the Eurotunnel to incoming traffic until such time as the French get a proper grip on security at their end – which they could so easily do, if they wanted.

Those invaders who have been captured must be returned to France, their country of last departure, in accordance with the Dublin regulation.

Long-term, the solution is for Britain to leave the EU. Outside this anti-democratic body we shall once again be able to control immigration effectively and successfully defend our borders against all comers as we have throughout our history.

Join us in the fight for freedom!