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A certain party whose leader was recently made bankrupt is technically insolvent, in that its liabilities exceed its assets by a considerable margin.

One of the organs of ‘antifascism’ has recently claimed that this party’s members will be held jointly and severally liable for the party’s debts, if or when it is wound up by order of the High Court.

This is not true. I have seen a professional and independent legal opinion which states that the individual members of an unincorporated association (which is what this party is in legal parlance) have no liability for its debts. Provided they are not registered officers of the party (registered with the Electoral Commission, that is) they should be in the clear.

The same organ of ‘antifascism’ has also reproduced the same fraudulent claim by an obscure splinter group of the insolvent party, as if this adds to the claim’s credibility rather than detracts from it. This particular splinter is always promising to fight an election, but for some strange reason never quite gets around to it (Patria has been around less than half as long and we have fought three). Perhaps there’s not enough profit in it for what is at root a commercial organization – a business.

It is not unlikely that the insolvent party will in fact be wound up and de-registered before the end of the year. But grass roots members of that party need not be concerned that they will be held liable for its debts. Whether it is wound up or not – they won’t.

Of course, it is also true that any moneys members may send to the party (subscriptions, donations, etc) are very likely to be sequestrated by its bankrupt leader’s court appointed Trustee in Bankruptcy, for the benefit of the bankrupt’s creditors. This is hardly likely to be regarded by members as a good use of their hard-earned money. And so they may well stop sending it. No doubt they and their families can find other uses for it.

It should surprise no one that the enemies of our country and our people, the traitors of ‘antifascism’, promote the dross of nationalism while affecting to ignore Patria, the decent up-and-coming patriotic party. If you were in the position of the ‘antifascists’ you too would want to publicize the worst about your opponents, not the best in the ranks of patriotism. This is why they harp on endlessly about the moribund insolvent party, its bankrupt (in more senses than one) leader and his erstwhile ‘business’ partner.

As I have explained in the past: ‘antifascism’, which is nothing more than the hireling of the rotten Establishment’s political arm, Lib-Lab-Con, has a symbiotic relationship with the discredited rump of British nationalism. Each needs the other in order to validate their continued existence, to justify the continuation of the revenue stream from their respective donors.

The emergence of a decent and serious patriotic alternative, such as Patria, threatens the cosy status quo of both so-called nationalism of the Bankrupt National Party/Business First variety and ‘antifascism’, in the way that nothing else can. This is why, behind the facade of hostility, the stagy insults on their respective web sites, they actually have a comfortable modus vivendi with each other. Each knows and understands the other of old.

Professional ‘antifascists’ knew that the leader of the Bankrupt National Party was never seriously interested in winning political power and would settle for money and the luxurious trappings of (an MEP’s) office; while the more perspicacious among nationalists are aware that the professional ‘antifascists’ (ie, those on the Establishment’s payroll) talk up the bogy of fascism, with tongue firmly in cheek, in order to justify and if possible increase, the funding from their paymasters.

The bankrupt’s barrack-room lawyer recently even left a helpful comment on one of the ‘antifascist’ web sites. It’s a regular ‘love-in’.

In fine, disreputable, dishonest and loutish nationalist ‘leaders’ and cynical, traitorous and greedy professional ‘antifascists’ are two sides of the same bad penny.

Cable Street it’s not. Queer Street? I should say.