Read it and weep, Birdseye

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de Montfort Replying Birdseye 3:11pm Mon 18 Jan 16

• The top 10 economies in the GII [Global Innovation Index] 2014 edition are Switzerland, the United Kingdom (UK), Sweden,
Finland, the Netherlands, the United States of
America (USA), Singapore, Denmark, Luxembourg,
and Hong Kong (China). Nine of these economies
were already in the GII top 10 in 2013; Ireland,
which was 10th in 2013, dropped to 11th this year,
and Luxembourg climbed up into the top 10 from
12th position in 2013.

Switzerland only ranked first above the UK because of the weighting given in respect of its relatively small population. Its economy is too small for it to be a major global player.

Patria says:-

The United Kingdom remains in second place behind Switzerland in the 2015 edition of the Global Innovation Index. Note the sixth place of the US economy and the absence of India, Japan and Germany from the top ten.