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Dr Andrew Emerson

7:56 PM on 09/10/2015

Is the government proposing to take only displaced Christians from Syria, then? Or will they be giving preference to Muslims as usual?

Is there no national housing shortage? Are there no English families and individuals in housing need, many having waited in vain for years on a list, only to see immigrants ushered to the head of the queue by earlier immigrants, or their descendants, who now occupy positions of power?

The government is spending millions of pounds on aid to displaced Syrians within Syria itself or in neighbouring countries of the Middle East, such as Turkey and Jordan. While this is obviously not ideal, it is preferable to bringing these people to Britain. It’s better for them to remain as near their own land, their own communities, as possible, ready to return as soon as circumstances permit.

Instead of bombing their country, displacing and radicalizing yet more Syrians without defeating ISIS and then crazily bringing them to Britain, we should train them in or near Syria to fight and defeat ISIS on the ground.

If they refuse to rally to their country in its time of need by fighting ISIS perhaps cowardice is not the only reason. Perhaps they are ISIS.

Either way, no fit young Syrian men capable of bearing arms should be brought into our country in furtherance of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, whatever their religion.

Vote No to EUrabia at the forthcoming referendum.

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