Prevent cruelty, don’t protect it

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It is ironic that the Casey Report on Rotherham council’s failure to tackle child sexual exploitatiion (CSE) robustly, following publication of the Jay Report last year, was published with two separate references to the ‘National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children’ [sic].

Protecting cruelty to children, English children, is what Rotherham’s councillors, police and social workers have been doing for decades.

They have got away with it for so long because too many individuals of an alien race and religion occupied positions of power within statutory agencies, such as the council, the police force and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS); and our own people were progressively marginalized and intimidated by an Establishment-approved culture of ‘diversity’ and ‘anti-racism’.

The institutional encouragement of a sexual jihad waged against vulnerable English children by Muslim rape gangs was a sign of ethno-masochism. It demonstrates that the aberrant ideology of multiculturalism had been internalized, resulting in a sort of collective Stockholm syndrome.

The failure of the council to: use its regulatory powers to disrupt CSE which it knew to be occurring in the taxi and takeaway trades; the failure to use its extensive legal powers to target suspects; the neutralization of the youth service, Risky Business, when the latter helped the police and CPS to secure the conviction of a few perpetrators; and its inadequate information systems and suspicious loss of records, taken together strongly suggest an entrenched policy of wrongdoing and cover-up at the top of the council.

The same policy held sway within South Yorkshire Police and the CPS. The dhimmified behaviour of police officers of all ranks, as exemplified by their failure to prioritize the investigation and prevention of CSE offences as hate crimes and their stigmatization of victims, was matched by that of senior officials within the CPS who failed to prosecute when they should have. One of these officials, the Muslim, Nazir Afzal, reportedly described the victimized children as ‘evil’.

As long as mass immigration from Africa and Asia continues, and those who speak out against it are vilified as ‘racist’ by the ‘diversity’ extremists and bigots of the political and media Establishment, scandals such as those of Rotherham, Rochdale, Sheffield, Blackburn, Bradford, Bristol and Oxford are bound to continue to erupt.

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