Pour La Patrie

By April 2, 2014February 18th, 2021No Comments

Congratulations to the Front National on their historic electoral breakthrough last Sunday, 30 March.

Congratulations to every French patriot and other well-wisher who voted for the patriotic party. Congratulations to the party’s candidates, whether successful on this occasion or not, to the party’s leader, Marine Le Pen and to every member who helped to win the splendid victory.

Most of all I congratulate the French nation, for the good sense it showed in its choice of the patriotic alternative for France in a dozen mayoralties and more than 1500 council seats.

No doubt the impending European ‘parliament’ elections will see the Front National quadruple its existing tally of MEPs. And it will be, understandably, an exciting moment for those individual party members who are elected to sit in this one-minute-speech factory for the first time.

But much more important, for the future of French France, is last Sunday’s electoral achievement and the opportunity it presents of providing patriotic local government, than the achievement which now lies on the horizon next month.

Citoyens, la Patrie est en danger.