Politics for children

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Having listened to some of Hilary Benn’s speech in the House of Treason last night the thing that struck me most strongly about it was its irrationality.

Benn’s speech was less ‘historic’, as it has been miscalled in certain quarters, than it was hysterical. ISIS may well hold Mr Benn and the other dishonourable members in contempt. ISIS may well hold the ‘values’ of these traitors in contempt. But ISIS are not alone in their estimation of the rabble filling the House of Treason. Should the RAF be ordered to bomb anyone who holds MPs in contempt?

If so they will have their work cut out and will require more bombs and planes than are currently available.

Still, Benn’s contribution to the debate, half-baked and juvenile though it was, nevertheless provided a good example of the new kinder politics advocated by his leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Children’s politics indeed.

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