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Mayor Rahman upbraided as “divisive” and “manipulative” force

23 April, 2015

By Keith Cooper

The controversial ex-mayor of Tower Hamlets LBC, whose election was today declared void, has been upbraided as a divisive force who had “manipulated” the borough’s Bangladeshi community to win last year’s poll.

In a highly critical judgment by election commissioner Richard Mawrey QC, Lutfur Rahman was found “personally guilty and guilty by his agents” on two counts of corrupt practices and one count of illegal practices in relation to his election in May 2014.

He was also found “guilty by his agents” on a further single count of corruption and two counts of illegal practices.

Mr Mawrey described Mr Rahman in his lengthy judgement as a man of “ruthless ambition” whose Tower Hamlets First party had been set up for his own “personal aggrandisement”.

All the councillors from the Tower Hamlets First Party who had achieved office last May had benefited from “the corrupt and illegal practices” uncovered by the court, he added.

The commissioner said he only had the power to declare the elections of Mr Rahman and his official election agent Alibor Choudhury void.

While describing this limitation as “obviously unsatisfactory”, he suggested this finding could be taken up by the next government.

“It will probably be sitting on the desk of the new Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government when he or she takes office after 7 May 2015,” the ruling reads.

Mr Choudhury, who had until today served as the council’s cabinet member for resources, was described in the 200-page ruling as the former mayor’s “hatchet man”.

The document said: “The modus operandi of the two men would be that Mr Rahman would retain a statesmanlike posture, making sure that he always said the right thing – particularly in castigating electoral malpractice – while what might be called ‘the dirty work’ was done by Mr Choudhury.”

Both men were described as unreliable witnesses in the case.

While Mr Rahman had been “unfailingly courteous and polite” he had also proved “pathologically incapable of giving a straight answer”.

“In one or two crucial matters he was caught out in what were quite blatant lies. His grip on reality was not always 100%.”

Mr Choudhury was described as “cocky”, “immature” and a witness who did not “hesitate to tell bare-faced lies” or “shrink from expressing, outrageous views”.

In addition to being stripped of his mayoral office, Mr Rahman has also been referred by the court to the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority. The former mayor works as a solicitor in senior courts, according to the judgement.

Mr Mawrey’s ruling concludes that the “alarming state of affairs” in Tower Hamlets uncovered by the court was not the result of the social deprivation or the racial or religious mix in the borough [Come off it, Mawrey].

“It is the result of the ruthless ambition of one man,” it adds.

“The real losers in this case are the citizens of Tower Hamlets and, in particular, the Bangladeshi community.

“Their natural and laudable sense of solidarity [what you would call ‘racism’ if it were demonstrated by the English] has been cynically perverted into a sense of isolation and victimhood, and their devotion to their religion has been manipulated [who could have predicted that? Enoch Powell for one] – all for the aggrandisement of Mr Rahman.”

Patria says:-

Notwithstanding the Establishment-speak obiter dicta of Mr Mawrey, designed to plaster over the crumbling facade of multiracialist Britain, it should be obvious that without a sea of Muslim backwardness in which to swim, Lutfur Rahman would never have become the political barracuda he became in Tower Hamlets.

If Tower Hamlets had not been colonized by poorly educated immigrants from Bangladesh and other third world countries and our own English people displaced, who can doubt that this corruption of our political system would never have occurred?

If immigration continues expect to see more of this. Even now it may be only the tip of a very large iceberg.

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Patria, the Home of Patriots, neither left nor right but patriotic.

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