Police manpower cut as reports of sex crime against children soar

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Child sex abuse reports rise by more than 60% in wake of Operation Yewtree and Rotherham investigations

Police have seen a surge in number of child sex abuse cases since 2011

In South Yorkshire the figure rose by 577 per cent over the last four years

Comes after 1,400 children were found to have been abused in Rotherham

Despite the rise in reported cases the number of arrests made decreased

Critics described the ratio of arrests to reports as a ‘national scandal’


9 April 2015

Reports of child sex abuse cases have risen by more than 60 per cent in the wake of investigations such as Operation Yewtree and the Rotherham scandal.

Figures revealed thousands more people had contacted police with allegations of abuse since 2011, with nearly 9,000 reports filed in 2014.

Despite a surge in reports, the number of arrests fell by nine per cent, prompting critics to accuse the Government of failing victims of abuse.

Among the forces to see the largest rise in reported cases was South Yorkshire where there was a 577 per cent increase over the last five years.

It comes after an estimated 1,400 children were abused in the area over several years, with officials in Rotherham ousted as a result of the scandal, having been deemed not fit for purpose.

While only 74 cases of child sex abuse were reported to the force in 2011, 501 were investigated in 2014, the figures, obtained via Freedom of Information request by The Guardian, revealed.

But while a surge in the number of reports suggested victims felt more comfortable coming forward, a decrease in the number of arrests made prompted critics to accuse police of not doing enough.

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