“Please Mister, can we have our ball back?”

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“No, you cannot have your ball back!”

Children should not play football, or anything else, in the street. That’s what parks, open spaces and in particular, playing fields, are for. Until they’re sold off to property developers for new housing, of course.

I note that Farage has brought back the immigration cap that he repudiated only a few weeks ago. Can he not make up his mind and stick to it? And where is UKIP’s manifesto? Does Farage think it’s drivel like the last one?

In the BBC Today interview Farage mentioned a cap of 50,000 immigrants per year, though by next week he may have changed his mind yet again. But their dependants would double this figure at least. It’s known as ‘chain migration’.

By conceding a spurious ‘need’ for tens of thousands of immigrants each year, Farage has shown his willingness to sell out even before the general election. His attitude to immigration has not changed since he stated in the European ‘parliament’ on 11 December 2013, less than eighteen months ago, that UKIP was not an anti-immigration party and that it both wanted and welcomed immigration. This, at a time when millions of our people languish without a permanent job or a home of their own!

Only Patria demands zero immigration for permanent settlement by persons not of British ancestry. And this means zero immigration not the meaningless ‘net migration’ bandied about by Lib-Lab-Con and till very recently by UKIP.

Poor old Jonah Farage is running scared of the ‘racist’ tag. How pathetic is that?

Don’t waste your vote on pro-immigration UKIP.

Patria is the one and only party with both the courage and the intelligence to put our people first.

Patria, the Home of Patriots, neither left nor right but patriotic.

To save the country for your grandchildren: Vote Patria on 7 May!