Please do not speak the truth as it can cause offence

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An outspoken Englishwoman’s persecution by the vindictive, Anglophobic criminal justice system reached a crescendo last week, when troubled young mother, Emma West, finally succumbed to eighteen months of cat and mouse tactics by the Crown Prosecution Service and agreed to plead guilty to the ‘crime’ of causing offence by speaking the truth in a public place.

According to reports in the Croydon Advertiser, the extraordinary delay in bringing Emma’s case to trial was due to concerns that she may not have been fit to plead. But were that to have been the case then surely a hospital order would have been made by the court and Emma would have been compulsorily detained under the Mental Health Act.

This case has been politically charged and motivated from the outset. From the original decision of the CPS to prosecute, through the outrageous denial of bail on spurious grounds and the threats to take her children into care (and what care!) unless she ‘co-operated’, to the refusal to grant the eminently reasonable application by her defence for nolle prosequi (a dropping of the charges on public interest grounds), the system has demonstrated its vicious hatred of any English patriot who dares to speak the truth boldly about the colonization of our capital and major towns and cities by destitute hordes of ethnic aliens from the three corners of the world.

Emma spoke from the heart in that crowded tram eighteen months ago. And it was a good heart. She spoke for millions of our people who are denied a voice in the corridors of power, in the House of Treason and the Street of Shame, in the TV studio and in the workplace. If a glass of wine on top of her medication had loosened her tongue, then this was a case of in vino veritas, of the truth being spoken while under the influence.

Emma, though a patriot, is not a politician and expressed her natural indignation at the racial transformation of her country, her people’s treatment as second class citizens and their incipient dispossession of their birthright, in what politicians euphemistically describe as unparliamentary language. Yes, she should have moderated her language, as she herself would be the first to acknowledge.

But to what provocation had she been subjected immediately prior to the filming of her outburst? One has heard various reports, including that of an immigrant spitting at her feet and/or barging into her, causing her to drop her child whom she was holding in her arms at the time.

Such mitigating factors as these are unlikely to be given much publicity by the ‘mainstream’ media, since they give the lie to the Establishment’s 24/7 propaganda campaign to persuade our people that those who oust us from our jobs, our houses, our schools and our hospitals, tend to be favourably disposed towards us and to have good manners.

No doubt Emma wishes to forget her status as a patriotic icon, a celebrity she never sought but which fate forced upon her and to move on with her life as a mother and homemaker.

She should be allowed to do so.

Croydon Advertiser