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Belgium had one of the strictest lockdowns and the world’s highest Covid deaths per million population.

For a country like the UK with pretensions to being a democracy a degree of herd immunity is the only way forward long term.

A vaccine will help a little, just as it does with other strains of coronavirus we term the flu. But as these viruses mutate rapidly and generally in the direction of diminished lethality it is not a ‘magic bullet’.

There is no evidence that lockdowns, or masks, are effective at limiting the spread. In fact limiting the spread among the healthy working population was the last thing we should have attempted to do.

The most vulnerable, diabetics, the obese, etc, should have been encouraged to take precautions and care homes should have been shielded. But shutting down the economy and postponing treatment for cancer, heart disease, etc, has simply made a bad situation worse.

English Lives Matter.

Lift the Lockdown > WTO Brexit > End Immigration