People power not wind power

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Protest walk planned against Rooley Moor wind farm

Coronation Power plans a wind farm on Rooley Moor

by Amy Westlake

18 April 2014

Protesters will walk, cycle and ride on horseback the length of a cobbled route from Rochdale and Rossendale in a bid to stop developers who plan to build a wind farm in the area.

The walk, which will take place on Sunday 25 May, has been organised by the Friends of Rooley Moor Road hoping to show Coronation Power the strength of their opposition to the planned wind farm.

Graham Wright, from the friends group said: “We just want to say enough is enough really. We have enough wind farms in the area as it is.”

Walkers will set off from two different points on the day of the protest. People planning to set off from the Rochdale side should meet at Catley Lane Head at 10:30am. Those setting off from Rossendale will meet at the bottom of Cowpe Road at 9:30am with both groups meeting in the middle by the ruins of the Moorcock Pub at approximately noon.

“We have had a lot of support from people regarding the walk. For example, a number of pony groups have said that they will get involved. Ponies don’t like turbines so by installing this wind farm, riders wont be able to use the road” added Graham.

Bosses at Coronation Power could be planning to tear up the historic route and replace it with an access road to be used by vehicles working on the wind farm site.

The road is part of the Pennine Bridleway and the Mary Towneley Loop and is regularly used horse riders, mountain bikers and walkers from both Rochdale and Rossendale.

Graham added: “We have had information from Coronation Power stating that they are looking to protect the road but we are still worried about what will happen to it when heavy vehicles are driving over it.”

A spokesperson for Coronation Power said: “Coronation are aware of the walk against the plans, and has had dialogue with some of the people who are involved in the walk.

“Coronation has said that it is looking at various options to protect the road and it is also looking at options to help the horseriding community, for example improvements to the existing bridleways, and perhaps the creation of new ones.

“These and many other issues will be addressed in the environmental statement that will accompany the planning applications to Rochdale and Rossendale Councils.

“One issue that concerns some people is traffic movements: please be assured that the main traffic movements will be when the wind farm is being built (traffic will be carefully and safely managed to minimise disturbance and local inconvenience). Once built and operational, vehicle traffic to and from the farm will though be minimal – a handful of movements per month. More detail on traffic will be in the environmental statement.”

The wind farm proposal at Rooley Moor was recently downsized from 17 turbines to 12 turbines after a public consultation.